Decals Echelon

Maybe one of the users has it and would like to get rid of it. I want decals for the Toyota Tacoma SF :Echelon D356253 1/35 MARSOC, Navy Seals, SFG Vehicle Markings

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Hi Piotr,
I have that decal set.
I have used some of the decals in it and what you see in the picture is what is left.
I don’t want to get rid of the whole set but you are interested in part of it I can satisfy your needs.
Let me know.

By the way have you seen the SF Tacoma model I built?

@galactica -Ettore! Blessed are you. :pray:Of course I will use help. I need a Toyota SEC PLT inscription and numbers, and an “X” flag for the hood. Maybe we can settle the matter privately.
PS_ I haven’t seen this scene.

Ok, I’ll PM you.