Delta Operators from Mantis Miniatures | Armorama™

Mantis Miniatures released a new 1/35 scale figure set depicting Delta Operators from Op Gothic Serpent, as well as several accessory sets.

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These look excellent. Gotta get a set for sure.

Did they wear big ass US flags on the front of their body armor ? Never noticed that.

Apparently so.

Ok there ya go. I never noticed that. Haven’t seen the movie or real life pics in a long time. Neat

Look cool. Also, the early 90s is when those SF guys started to use SR-25 rifle as marksman/sniper rifle, would be nice to see it in place of the M14/M21.

Good to see these finally getting released for sale.

In my preview thread here you can see the three figs un-painted.

Not sold on these guys. They are triplets. They all look the same and they look like italian mafia guys from the bronx. If there’s one thing about 3d when it comes to figures, are the faces.