Desert War Sheridan

RFM kit OOB with stowage from various sources. I thought it needed a splash of color so I added the recognition panel made of foil although I’m ambivalent on whether I like it.


I like it. The color and subtle weathering look really good.

I also like the orange air recognition panel.


Thanks. Makes me feel better about the orange panel. Guess I’ll keep it.

Very nicely done, sir!

:beer: :cowboy_hat_face:

Looks good. I vote to keep the ID panel as well.

wow you’ve done a fantastic job on that sheridan, I’m working on the academy version of that kit for the 30th Anniversary of the first gulf war.
did the figure come with the kit and size is the orange identification panel?

Looks great!
I really like the orange identification panel as well.

Thanks for the kind comments. The figure is from an old Dragon set. Don’t remember the kit number but it dates to the 90s. the ID panel I just eyeballed based on photos.

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Very nice and subtle weathering.
The air recognition panel is a great touch. I would just add the straps so it does not fly away.


It doesn’t show very well in the photo but there is something lying across it. Guess I could add an additional piece to “anchor” it. Thanks for pointing that out.

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How did the kit build up?

Overall not too bad. There were a couple of issues however. There are a number of small fittings on the turret, most of which are molded on. However, there are some that you have to shave off the sprues and place yourself. There are also some nuts that also have to be shave off and placed in certain places. There are different sizes and it’s not clear which size goes where. There are also no extras if I recall. Lastly, if you build the DS version the piece that fits in the cutout in front of the TC’s cupola does not fit very well and takes some work, after which you have to redo/replace the weld bead detail. While this might sound like a major problem/gripe it really is just some minor irritation that most modelers will have no problem in overcoming.

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Beautiful job bro

Thanks-I was thinking about a early '70’s Era version.

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Unless I’m mistaken your best bet for that might be the newer Tamiya kit.

My rendition if that helps.

This Era…

Not an expert on the Sheridan so I don’t know what changes were made over the years. I am however reasonably certain that the Tamiya kit is the way to go for what you are thinking about. Might be better off with a new post asking the question.

Here is a guy that did something similar to what you want using the Tamiya Sheridan.

I’m trying to get pictures of the turret storage area during desert storm to see what items were stored there. the problem that I am having is that all my Google search keep showing me the bloody kit I am building right now.
I think it is unlikely that the crews stored cases of coca cola in those turret baskets so if any one can suggest correct storage items or can link me some pictures I would be grateful.

You are correct. Cases of Coke were not common during ODS.

Sheridan from my point of view is really critical to manage.
your interpretation is very nice.
i have a question; is it common the fence in the rear?