FEATURE: M551 Sheridan

Robert Leonard shares some pictures of his M551 Sheridan from Tamiya:

This is the Tamiya 1/35 M551 Sheridan. I used the Echelon Decals COLD WAR M551 & M551A1 SHERIDANS sheet depicting a Sheridan fielded by 2 ACR featuring the MASSTER camouflage scheme used in Germany during the early 1970s. It is a short-lived scheme I have always wanted to model.

I fully admit I am not much of a figure painter. I did alter the figure by giving him long sleeves (fashioned from Apoxy Sculpt) as would been seen in Germany as opposed to the short sleeves depicted in the kit for Vietnam.

Stowage is from the Legend M113 Vietnam Stowage set which I figured would have been appropriate for early 1970s Germany.


That is freaking awesome

The finished kit looks really good, but by doing the pics outside with that background gives it a totally new and fully realistic look. Well done

Love it.
What colors did you use?

Oh, I would so love to build this kit. Looks really good, I like it!

Thanks for sharing,

When I saw the first photo I was thinking it was a photo of a real tank and I was going to be sarcastic about how how good a job you did. Then I saw more photo’s and realized it was a kit. So I will say without any sarcasm that is a well done, well put together kit. Great job fooling me!

Nice job. Really like the camo. I did mine as 11th AC in Vietnam. Plan on doing it again but with your paint scheme. Looks really good.

Really nice job.


Nice lookin little general, this is my favorite “tank” of all time! Ryefield’s Sheridan landed on the front porch Thursday last and I’m anxious to get started on it, I’ll have to back date it but it’s not a big deal. I agree that there are two shots of this one that are deceptively realistic, I was comparing the model in one pic to the photo above it and it dawned on me they’re the same tank. That chain link fence is an excellent back drop. Like the camo scheme too vs the usual OD or tired out desert sand.

I’ts hard to believe that that is a model!

Really excellent work Rob and deceptively realistic.

Excellent work. I really like the MASSTER camouflage and the stowage.

Fantastic job - it took me a a second or two to realize it was a model and not reference pictures.

Well done and thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Impressive work!! :raised_hands:

Excellent work, the camo is fantastic.
My Sheridan ground to a halt on the bench about six months ago. Gotta say, this has inspired me to get things moving again.

Aaargh! I somehow missed this and me being such a fan of MASSTER; 'love it. My own is languishing after I lost interest as I couldn’t get the decals I needed. I’ve since secured the same sheet as you so I now feel sufficiently enthused to resurrect mine (after the Leo, MOWAG, BTR etc etc all in the queue).

A seriously good model.


Very nice looking Sheridan. Outstanding photo.

Bravo! :+1:t2:
That’s an excellent looking build!

Beautiful job bro ! Excellent paint job and weathering, thought it was a real photo too!