Destroyed Russian T72 in the Ukraine - project

Quick question. The boot that covers the turret to the barrel is made of what? Leather would burn. Rubber would melt.


Rubberized cloth, I think it’s nylon. It would burn away in a fire, leaving the mounting block behind:


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Wow I I have this kit in my stash but didn’t realize how many parts there are in that turret! Looks great so far Bruce

Definitely a lot of parts in the box. Plenty inside and outside the turret. However compared to the likes of MiniArt, RFM and Meng the fit/location is somewhat vague. A bit of guess work has to be taken. Instructions are likewise a bit vague.

I’m going to ‘finish’ the turret off, painting n all, as a test bed for the rest of the build. Most of the images I have looked at the turrets have blown off/up and suffered relatively little damage when compared the the hull. So it shouldn’t be so painful but a good test bed for the hull.

There are a few builds of the AH T-72 with interior on this site, you can look at them to see where many of the parts go. You can also find plenty if interior photos on the web.

A small challenge. I wanted the barrel boot ‘gone’. So I cut up the kit boot. Unfortunately under the boot the kit parts weren’t like the real thing. :sob: To be fair the kit wasn’t designed to have these parts exposed. So I had to build my own replacement. A bit of 10thou styrene and some filler. Not perfect but more realistic. I still have a bit of filling and sanding of the filler. When it dries better.

Note all dry fitted and will come apart to be painted.


Nice fix!

No update on the build. I’ve been in hospital so the build is on hold for sometime. But it will get done.


Get well soon Bruce, this is a beauty :+1: :tumbler_glass:

Take care of yourself! The tank will be there when you get better.

Thanks Ken.

A question for the experts. - The kit has a odd shaped piece on the top of the turret. See image and the red line. Is this Amusing Hobby’s doing or has the T-72 got such a shape on top. And if so is it welded on or removable? I’m trying to figure out if it would lift out with an explosion.


That piece is Amusing Hobby addition so the turret can be easily built/viewed. On some real tanks there is a welded panel in that area, and Amusing Hobby does follow the weld lines. Look at the outside of part E35. All the photos I have seen show an intact turret blown off, no hole in it. So it should be glued in place, but what you do is up to you. You could always leave it off and say it was a bad weld job!

Ken I found the answer!!
See the break? That curve line is the actual part I’m talking about.


There you go!

This is a T-64 turret (look at the smoke dischargers) but I guess the T-72 has the same top plate welded to the main body.


Regardless of which type of tank it came off it gives me license to flip the lid!!

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OK back at the work desk.

Building in sub assemblies. The turret comes to pieces. I was going to paint the turret as a test. But then worried about getting the rest of the tank to colour match.

Parts locations are often very vague in this kit. But seeing it will be ‘blown up’ then I’m not being too fussy.

The three green items on the turret floor, in the lower right of the photo, are propellent charges for the main gun ammo. If the tank has blown up/burned, they would no longer exist. You should remove them.

Thanks Ken. I know! My logic says to build everything then start removing what would go bang. And thus destroy what is nearby. Im trying to figure out if i should break or melt parts. Bit of both i guess. The pronect is very much a suck it as see one.

Depending on how a**l you want to go, I found that tightly mo*lding/wrapping cut-outs from the heavier foil grade of baking trays around original parts, and then warping/ripping/torturing them, provided some authentic-looking debris. For smaller items just ordinary tin-foil :tumbler_glass:

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