Destroyed T-55 project

did some of your photos appear in “sword in the sand” by Concord publishing ? Do you know if an impact took off the engine deck or was it maybe blown off by the explosion?

Some of my photo’s have been published by several publishers. It has been a while but I think they were one.
The turret was hit on the turret roof. The round bored through and exited out of the turret hatch on the opposite side. It was an early T-62 so the hatch is not horizontal but sits at an angle.
the blast knocked out the bulkhead between the crew compartment and the engine compartment, continued on and blew off the rear deck.

What makes a good knocked out vehicle is the zillion small details that resulted from whatever caused it.

Yes, I agree. Here’s the one I have in mind

the reason I asked specifically about the deck is that I’ve seen photos of what appear to be this same vehicle from other angles and it’s missing there as well. Those same photos show that it’s an early turret as well that has been retrofitted with a welded on cupola base to allow a MG to be fitted. Thanks for the details !

@TopSmith, outstanding photos! Thank you for sharing.

I will definitely be watching this one, and great photos too!!

Thanks all. I have been working on it a bit more. I decided to change tack on the engine. Instead of the solid, drop in engine area from Mig, I had a MiniArt T55 engine as well. I built up the MiniArt engine and modified the hull to fit it.

I also made the rear wall out of thick aluminum foil and destroyed it as if it was in an internal explosion. I made it by pressing the foil down over the kit part to duplicate it. I also punched holes in the driver’s wall and the tank on the right side wall. I also made the rear fan and a few other bits to fill up the rear hull as I plan on having the right rear hull door open.

This is how I am sort of seeing the final product, something like this.

Next up is to start the burned-out, rusty, sooty painting process.


Amazing details!

Looking good Gino

Looking smashing Gino!

Nice damage detailing on the internals… How will you depict the upper hull plate ? Fairly intact or pretty damaged/ warped/ cracked and buckled ?

This is looking great. The foil rear wall is a brilliant idea. Always good to see some old school modelling.

Hell yes!!! This is going to look GOOD!

I have finished the interior painting and finishing. I added some loose debris inside; empty shell casings, wire, ammo cans, and various bits and bobs. I sprayed a thin coat of a rust color overall, then liberally coated them with rust colored and black pastel chalks.

This is what you will see w/the hull closed up. I plan on leaving the deck plate over the engine off and thrown to the side a bit mangled. The right rear door over the cooling fan will be blown open, and the upper grills will be blown off/opened as well.

On to the turret. I added some wires and then gave it the same finishing treatments as the hull.

Next up is to add all the exterior details…then destroy them.


oh wow, this is looking truly destroyed

I’m really enjoying this build.

That looks amazing Gino!

Very nicely done

that looks fabulous, well done Gino.

Looks great Gino

Thanks gents. I like how the rusting and damage are coming along so far. More to come soon…hopefully.

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