Destroyed T90A with UA soldier

Hello everyone,

While I waited for my sister to send me pictures of the LAV I started to make my next model. I set a goal to clear out all of my opened boxes before starting on anything new. I have been doing pretty good following that rule and only have one other project after this one that can be counted as a started but not a finished one.

Anyways, the models for this project are an old T90A from a trumpeter kit that I completed when I was young. It was an awful model that I remade and so what I have left is a reused model that I stripped everything from.

I also have a figure from Reskit " 1/35 Ukrainian ATO Soldier".

The whole plan for the scene is to have a part of a house that a decapitated T90 turret has crashed into. The barrel will be pointed up and the soldier will be either on top of it or behind it.

Here are the initial photos of the turret.

I started on the sights and Gun mantlet and sights. I designed and 3d printed them because the fabric covering the mantlet always seems burned away as well as the covers for the sights. I do want to create the turret with kind of minimal damage as I can see in some photos but even if I decide to have it fully burned out I need to model the inside of these.

This project will have a lot of 3D-printed parts.

Really excited to do the first-from-start blog on this forum.


So are we, looking good so far. :+1:

Cool concept, great start.

Nice idea and you’ve made a great start :+1:

I hit a snag with construction. A lot more parts than I thought had been either destroyed or missing on the T90 so I had to resort to 3d printing and more importantly designing a lot of parts. The second snag is that I have run out of resin and am currently waiting for more to arrive.

In the meantime, I started on the base itself and have gotten the general layout of it and the start of the house’s structure.

Right now it’s intact as I wanted to get it’s overall structure first before I destroy it.

As you
can see I plan to have the barrel kind of splitting the roof while the turret itself will be well inside the wall.


What type of foam are you using?

Insulation foam I bought at a hardware store.

Wallmate insulation ASTM E84 Class A

Thanks, I’d like to try what your doing sometime.

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It has been a looong time since I updated this post, but I have good reasons I swear.

This is just a dry fit but I like it so far . The figure is missing from the photos as my Cat has decided to play with its resin hand destroying it in the process.

Obviously, the turret is not done yet but getting pretty close. Mainly just need to put in the storage bins and the commander’s Coupola. some minor pieces here and there.

There is still an issue I am trying to figure out:

The main issue is the interior of the turret. Because of the angle that it is leaning at against the house, you can see well inside the turret which is…almost completely empty. I know a kit got released from amusing hobby but I do not want to spend money for a full model just to have the inside bits for this one as the whole point of this project was to get rid of an old plastic wreck I have. I was considering burying it in rubble and foliage or maybe placing some other objects that may have been stacked there to cover it like a wooden bench. Open to all suggestions.

All suggestions and criticism is welcome!


It’s a very eye catching angle and your house creation is fantastic looking.

As for suggestions you could add a brick coal bunker to the bit behind where the turret is going. Perhaps a thick shrub or hedge? Or perhaps a pile of stacked firewood? If you didn’t want to actually do the wood you could create the approximate shape of a firewood pile and have it with a tarp or something- the shape could be created with clay or a sculpting putty.

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Well, buying a AH kit for the interior isn’t a bad idea-you’ll use the interior here and can build the AH kit without the interior.

All you really need is a breach (could even be a breach from some other Russian style tank), and some boxes and bits. Paint everything black/rust from the explosion, and you will be fine!


I think that you could beat up your turret more? The rear turret bin has alot of weight on its current position.


Thats not a bad idea at all thanks!

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Its not very clear on the pictures but the turret itself is hitting the dirt so all the actualy weight of it would be there. I wouldn’t mind doing a little more damage to it though.


Sounds like a plan

Very nice, I’m really impressed and eagerly await the rest :grinning: :grinning:

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So there are photos of this? That is amazing. A house holds up to this!

As in real-world pictures? kinda… there are a few of some turrets that flew into peoples houses but I do not have an exact representation of this

Not a T-90, but it conveys the message.