Dino 246 GT

Started, this one, a long time ago, in a campaign, on the old site. It’s time to re-ignite this build and get it across the finish line.

A beautiful, very detailed kit, of one of the most beautiful cars ever made. This is Carrozzerina Pininfarina at it’s best.

I had painted the body and was very pleased, with the result only to find out I had forgotten to add two panels :unamused: So panels added, then filler, filling and primer; not happy, with the result, so filler, filling and primer again; still not happy, so I’ll give it another go soon.

Engine done and mounted to the chassis.

Boot done.

Front suspension

Fuel cells



Rear boot. To create a carpet look, I used white glue and embossing powder.
Glue and powder.




Nice Jesper ! Delighted to see this . I have one of these kits in my stash as it is one of my all time favorite cars ,
Love what you did with the carpet .

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The little 6 cylinder Dino was always one of my favorite Ferrari’s as i really liked the scale down look of it compared to the main 12 cylinder beasts that Ferrari was famous for. Still, the one big thing I held against it, was that i couldn’t afford one in my life time, and that still holds so true to this day.

I’m looking forward to seeing that body painted, polished, and waxed to perfection. Hoping that you’re considering that iconic Yellow rather then another Italian Red Ferrari.

The engine really is exceptionally detailed painted as is the driver’s compartment. Love how you simulated the carpet rather then the usual hand painted efforts that is the norm these days.


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Just love those Dino Ferrari’s Terrific progress and enjoying the ride.
Peter .

“To get the look of carpet I used white glue and embossing powder.” I would love a more detailed explanation of this. And what is embossing powder?

Looking like good progress. The boot came out really well. Like the rest I dream of owning one of these as it is one of the best looking cars of all time.
For the Willstein bros, I don’t think a Dino is considered a Ferrari, despite being often called such. You won’t find a prancing horse or Ferrari badge on these cars.


Great work so far Jesper, a kit I’ve never seen before and definitely a stunning vehicle design. It looks positively space-age compared with the bricks on wheels I’m building now!

Looking forward to more updates mate.

Cheers, D


Maybe, Maybe not. But everyone that knows anything about Ferrari’s and specifically the Dino series doesn’t need a prancing horse badge to know that it’s pedigreed is pure Ferrari. Just the selling price of a high milage 1972 246 GTS is another proof that it’s valued as a pure Ferrari. Of course a quick check of my finances shows that I’m still a good $599.900 short from owning this gem.

Thanks for checking in gentlemen, much appreciated.

It will be orange. A color close to Danny Wilde’s Dino, in the Persuaders. The color looks very red/orange, in the image. It is not that red in real life.

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Embossing powder, is used in arts’n’craft. It’s a compound(Most likely plastic) that can be added to paper or other surfaces. You make a design with glue, being letters or graphics, then lightly heat the powder, which will then melt and create a raised design.
It’s not exactly micro balloons, but quite small beads of what ever the material is.

I use it, as I would use flocking material. “Paint” the surface, with white glue(Usually diluted, with waster) then add lots of powder, lightly shake it about to get an even coverage. Turn your part up side down, to get rid of any excess ,material, on a piece of paper(can be reused). Once dry you need to clean the part; the material is very light and can stick to places where you don’t want it. This is easily done with a brush.
The powder comes in a great variety, of colors and doesn’t have to be painted. I only have red powder, so I had to paint the part. If painting is necessary, do NOT use a brush, only spray can or airbrush.
Hope this is useful. Ask away, if you have any questions.

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Thank you very much for the explanation. The powder is very interesting for making plastic look like material. Something I have to put in my ideas file. thanks, Jack

Just a great idea. But for me it’s easier to buy flocking powder, which is super messy.

As for the color, Orange/Red sounds pretty neat. looking forward to seeing that on the Dino for sure.


Wait a minute. They’ll drop the price 5 bucks over a matter of 50,000 miles??? :roll_eyes: :wave:

Exquisite design, one of my all time favourites. I used to watch reruns of The Persuaders just to see it in motion. Is “Enthusiast Model” the name of the kit manufacturer, or who made it?


Loved the series, when I was a kid. The intro, with John Barry’s great theme, I still watch, on Youtube, once in a while.

No, the manufacturer is Fujimi. The “Enthusiast series” is a lot more detailed, than their “normal” model kit’s.

Terrific progress on the Dino, looking so good

Chassis is now complete. The exhaust system was quite fiddley, to work with, but other than that, all went together well.

After a lot of filling and sanding, the body once again got some color on it.

Next up is decaling and gloss coat.


The completed chassis with engine and interior came out looking the part for sure. Very well done my friend. As for the body color, it too came out perfect. looking forward to seeing it decaled and glossed to perfection.

This one slipped by my attention somehow, just as the other posters have mentioned this is definitely one of my favorite Ferrari body styles. “not really a Ferrari”? Whaaat, named after Enzo’s first son how could it be anything less than a Ferrari?
You’ve done a very nice job on the interior detailing Jesper @Hwa-rang, the dash and console bezels are neatly painted, can’t wait to see the body on, the next one will have to be coated in the blue metallic I hope.

Cajun :crocodile:

This Dino looks amazing. Very neat and tidy interior. The engine bay with that transverse V6 is very cool. Are you going to bother to add some ignition wires or leave as is? Can’t wait to see the body finished.