Division of Campaigns, Operations, and Group Builds

As D said click on the number of post and you will only see that posters posts.

That is another option and similar to kinda what Jim was talking about if I understood what he was saying which I confess sometimes I don’t understand.

Guys, as I said, this function is way to cumbersome to work for GB’s that have gone on for months trying to follow a person or persons build. This has always been one of the main reasons why Campaigns/GBs don’t get very many non members stopping by.

As an example I just went to the the Dreams are Free GB that just finished, and clicked on my avatar. I had 170 total posts. Those include my build, and all my other GB related posts. So I would have to scroll through every post till I got to ones relating to my build. Way to time consuming.

What I usually do is both post in the GB and have a separate Build Blog in the Cars forum which gets a decent amount of views. But again, it’s more work to keep it current.

I’m thinking that for the new GB to just make a simple post with a pic or two that I’ve updated my build thread in the main car forum and post the link to it.


@Joel_W , Basically do a build thread when participating in a Campaign/GB and post the link and a couple of pictures to the main Campaign/GB thread for the update? That seems pretty doable.

Regarding Campaign/GB timeliness, what’s been found to be most effective in promoting participation and completion in the past?

Campaign/GB’s on the internet are new to me and so prospective is missing.

As far as promoting Campaigns/GBs since the move to the new site, it’s mostly done as a discussion thread within each separate site.

On AutoModeler we start off months in advance with a proposal thread and everyone that’s interested just chimes in. As far as themes go, we do basically the same thing a year or so in advance.

As far as the separate build blog, that’s exactly how I’m going to approach the new GB along with just a few pics and the link rather then post the update, then copy and paste to the build blog.


This is my preferred solution, and what I have done so far. I join the group build, then create a separate thread to post updates on the build, and just link it back into the Campaign (both ways).

I think that would be a great suggested practice for all group builds. You could quickly see all the projects being built, and drill into those that interest you.



I have the Template and badge topics finished. What remains is to determine the final structure for the topics related to a campaign. The solution I want to pursue isn’t really viable though due to the sheer number of campaigns we run and how that would display on the forum homepage. I am waiting to hear back from the Discourse folks to see if there is some other option open.

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I am also member of Britmodeller and they have the following struckture: A serparate entry for Groupbuilds:

Below that, an entry for Current builds, and in that area a entry for each build:

In each build area a main entry where you can chat, an end gallery, and for each builder his/her own thread…

Works quite effective like that…

But Erwin… you’re not British. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I had seen that example. Which is one of the reasons I would like to at least try them as separate forums. The problem is that we have had 30+ active group builds going on so that is a lot of sub-forums. to display here.

I mean… we can try it on the next group build to form and see how it goes. :slight_smile:

No, I know… I was also stunned thet let me in, though it was Pre-Brexit I applied :stuck_out_tongue:
Come to think of it, part of me is though: my great grandfather was a Brit…

They also have the advantage of seemingly unlimited nested forums though. Something we do not as the developers of Discourse think that is bad. :smiley:

How many levels does Discourse allow?

  1. Parent > Child

Tbf though they have tags (and groups) which is another way around some of that. I have looked at using groups but it would make them harder to find and you’d still need a forum to post group discussions in.

Oeh, that indeed is not too many :open_mouth:

Believe it or not some of the most popular Discourse sites don’t even use sub-forum/categories. They just have one parent set of cats with no children. Crazy eh? :smiley:

Those must be not very interesting, or with a single subject . At least not with the diversity Kitmaker has…

Okay… with some reworking of the CSS to hide child categories on the homepage, we can do separate forums for each build now.

We may still need a Campaigns Archive parent forum to retire them to though.

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I have moved any group builds/campaigns from Mixed Group Builds (in General Discussions) and any from MSW and AutoModeler’s forums to this main Campaign forum.

Each of them has a unique forum category of their own so that users can create their own post under them if they want to post about their builds in more detail than they would likely do under one massive topic.

I will likely do Armorama and AeroScale’s ongoing group builds later this week.


That’s a main point of view for me, too! :smiley:


Ok folks, I’m a bit stuck and need help! @staff_Jim @Robin_Nilsson

The next Auto GB is due to start, but I seem to be blocked from creating a new Group Build category.

Wheels of the Union Jack and Tricolore - Oct '21 to March '22 - Campaigns & Group Builds / Staging Area - KitMaker Network

Can this thread be relocated as the main thread in a new category or a sub-thread withing a new category?

Cheers, D