Division of Campaigns, Operations, and Group Builds

Okay… with some reworking of the CSS to hide child categories on the homepage, we can do separate forums for each build now.

We may still need a Campaigns Archive parent forum to retire them to though.

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I have moved any group builds/campaigns from Mixed Group Builds (in General Discussions) and any from MSW and AutoModeler’s forums to this main Campaign forum.

Each of them has a unique forum category of their own so that users can create their own post under them if they want to post about their builds in more detail than they would likely do under one massive topic.

I will likely do Armorama and AeroScale’s ongoing group builds later this week.


That’s a main point of view for me, too! :smiley:


Ok folks, I’m a bit stuck and need help! @staff_Jim @Robin_Nilsson

The next Auto GB is due to start, but I seem to be blocked from creating a new Group Build category.

Wheels of the Union Jack and Tricolore - Oct '21 to March '22 - Campaigns & Group Builds / Staging Area - KitMaker Network

Can this thread be relocated as the main thread in a new category or a sub-thread withing a new category?

Cheers, D