DIY liquid glue holders/masking agents holder

Quick share to test adding photos using Tank_1812’s very helpful tutorial.

These are my homemade holders since I don’t have a 3D printer and one isn’t on the horizon. Super high density foam that came from who knows where. Had the chance to trim to size on an 80 year old bandsaw my father in law passed on to me a fees months ago. Rest of it was dremel and Xacto work to hold the bottles snugly.


Looks like you passed the test and the holders look good. :+1:

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Thanks Chris - I am in need of this sort of thing .
Great inexpensive solution.

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It’s closer to foam rubber I’d guess, very dense. I think it was in packaging for an AV component and being a pack rat it’s floated around.

Thank you very much, I will admit the interface on my iPhone isn’t quite as nice IMO. Strangely the ads some guys were mentioning on the other topic don’t show up on my Android tablet but do on the iPhone using this browser. Couldn’t find an app for the site So going thru Safari and it seems pretty smooth.

“Waste not, want not”
When something looks as if it might come in handy someday somehow
it gets hidden away somewhere …

I don’t think Jim created a app for the site. Ads are typically based on what the user or people around them searched for in the past. Data mining and digital twins is todays interweb life.

I’d probably still hit them hard enough to knock over.

No,seriously great idea should rock even for me.

Thanks, I figured going 3 across would be stable while not being too blocky. I bet more than 1/2 the guys have knocked over a bottle of liquid glue at some point (my Bradley underway for instance, had the tow launcher sitting there and I bumped it and flooded the surface which softened the detail but nothing a tarp won’t fix!)

Looks like a Great/Inexpensive approach. With a bunch of Grandchildren about almost daily, I have to “Secure” my stuff each time I use it. Currently it all resides in a mid-sized tool box without any repeatable organization it seems. Looks like a great way to start!

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Talk to Capt Crunch is working on something similar.
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