Dragon Nashorn

This is Dragon’s Nashorn with some of their figures and accessories from Value Gear. Scene takes place in a nice Italian countryside during summer:

And a couple of vintage-looking pics:



Nice job on the foliage and overall presentation! I like the incline. Is that incorporated into the base?


I like it! I have the Tamiya Nashorn in my stash that I’m itching to build. Hope it turns out this well

You do realize this is Dragon 1/72? :roll_eyes:
@justsendit: Yes. The base is 6" x 6" with the Nashorn coming down around a hill in an ambush. :smiling_imp: The tree is an olive tree.

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holy cow I thought this was a 1/35 kit, it looks fantastic!

I do now….

Really incredible work for the scale! The foliage camouflage looks just right. Great job on the base too. :beer: :beer: :beer:

Thanks, all! :smiley:

Excellent work there Leo! I didn’t realize it was 72 scale at first. Ground work and figures are excellent too!

Amazing work. I had a feeling that it was in 1/72 scale, til I read “with some of their figures”, and I thought maybe 1/35,as Dragon do 1/35 figures. But to my complete joy you confirmed my first thought. It’s 1/72 scale and yes, Dragon do have 1/72 scale figures.
So, I think you’ve made an excellent scene, a work to be proud of.
Well done

Thanks for liking, everyone.

This is outstanding work in 1:72!

Flogging it to death! :grin:

Somewhere in Tuscany 1944


Wow! What a great model and diorama. The crew figures and their poses are spot on and the way the camouflage foliage is attached to the vehicle is really well done. The photography is excellent. Thanks for sharing your work. !/72 scale subjects can be truly amazing and this work exemplifies that.