Dream Build Room

I am compiling a list of high dollar items that I would like to include in a dream build room so far, my list includes:

Resin 3D printer
FDM 3D printer
Stencil Cutter
Laser Cutter

I would appreciate any and all advice on owning operation and setting up these systems to include computer requirements and safety requirements, Thanks in advance.

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I’d add these to the list of good items for the dream build room.

1# Whole House Attic Fan - superb ventilation for the hobby room when the windows are open.

With the rest of the house closed off and the WHAF running I could airbrush for hours and not have detectable fumes build up in the hobby room. The best paint booths I’ve seen and used can’t hold a candle to it.

2# Vortex Mixer for paints

3# Adjustable Height Desk - ideally motorized


I like the fan idea my wife can be sensitive to some chemical smells so that is a great idea. I also need to figure out how to include a gunsmithing area into this room.

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Since modelers are cheap at times. So, here’s a cheaper solution.

Btw, what is FDM 3D printer?

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It’s the one that uses a filament to print instead of a liquid resin.

My dream room has a paint booth with room enough to hold all my paints, multiple air hookups (with the compressor in the garage), a rinse sink and outdoor fan venting.

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That’s the rest of the house, no?
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I think the boss would be a little upset with this addition.

They are “fellow modelers”.

The reason I don’t have a 3D printer is that I don’t have a way to properly vent the fumes from the resin and I’ve seen several printer reviews that say that ventilation is very important. I’m sensitive to some “smells” and wouldn’t want to take the risk of any long term health issues that might result from vapors. To put in that kind of ventilation in my house would take some major time and cash. That said, search for facebook or other forums that cover printers and laser cutters