Ducati 1199 Panigale S - Tamiya 1/12

Hi ya all!!

Following my Sci-Fi mech build, I needed something different.
I haven’t build a motorcycle in while and this time I want to do a simple out of the box build with no aftermarket stuff. Well first off, I haven’t opened a new Tamiya bike kit box in ages and was surprised with the content which included some neat “Tech Tips” aimed at the novice, the kit comprises of three main sprues, the tyres and some odds and sods + decals.

Here are some images of the contents, before we start in earnest.

You are welcome to strap on your racing leathers and enjoy the ride with me.

Till the next update! :vulcan_salute:t3:


Nice to see you doing this bike - I have the same one with Italian markings. Consider me a follower!

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Indeed, I have built 2 of these. Very nice kit, I’ll follow along.

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Oh I forgot to mention that the rear view mirrors are a pain to install. At least for me.

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Thanks for the heads up! I’ll be mindful when I get there.

How where the carbon fiber decals for the front mud guard?

Kind regards,


Another post to watch!!

I already have one like this started and I’d like to take it back soon. I’ll make the Martini scheme. I already have the paints and decals


I think there’s no better model for any intermediate modeler to show off a really nice result than modern Tamiya motorcycles. Even somebody mediocre like myself can get a nice looking model out of them.

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I’ll be looking forward to this build. I almost bought that bike. It’s the first bike that ever scared the hell out of me. I ended buying the much tamer Triumph Daytona 675R.
127 PS should be enough for anyone at my age.
That Martini scheme is very nice. Can’t wait to see that one as well.

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Yeah, that Martini colour scheme is really neat.

Just reminded myself last night why this will be basically an out of the box build because whilst looking at all of the after market add on’s and super detail bits, I nearly passed out at the £200 mark!!

Whilst ratcheting up the whole experience and the pleasure derived from the level of detail that you can shoe horn into a build, there must be some form of economical sense when engaging in a build?

Anyway, I’ll leave you with that thought to ponder.

Till next time, by which some work will have have hopefully occurred, thanks for watching. :vulcan_salute:t2:

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There aren’t any CF decals in the kit, I simulated with paint on my kit.

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For the less talented among us, there are several scales and weaves of CF decals available.

Interesting bit of trivia since this is about motorcycles - When John Britten began his first bikes, he laid the carbon fiber down one strand at a time.

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OK, good to know, no CF decals. :+1:t2:

Hi ya all!

Made a start on the engine and this is worlds apart from the NCR / 900SS bevel head engines! :scream:

The older engines look almost as complex as a lawnmower engine in comparison with the modernday monsters!

Here is an image from the NCR build.

Vs the 1199 engine

Onwards and upwards, till next time!

Thanks for watching! :vulcan_salute:t2:


Keep on!!!

I took my Panigale from the shelf yesterday. It’s already started so it would be tricky to continue with it (my uncle started it some years ago before he passed away) and I only have made 2 or 3 steps more.

Current status:



Sorry for your loss, I bet it will have a special place for you on completion.


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For sure, Gavin

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I like the color on that crankcase cover.

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The temptation was too great, I couldn’t help myself…

All that wonderful detail!

After looking at my build, I noticed that Tamiya did not even bother with moulding the fairing screw heads, they were had given me decals!! The HORROR!:flushed:

So, I promptly started searching for suitable rivets at your usual suspects, but to no avail.:disappointed: They are as rare as chickens teeth.:tired:

Then I happen to stumble across a front fork kit and and a Hobby Design PE kit, oh really…:thinking:

So, following my shocking discovery with regards to the application of decals for fixings and contrary to my opening statement, I have now procured aftermarket bits…:astonished:

I’m sorry for misleading you, but initially that was not the route I intended, I blame Tamiya, so there!

Till next time.:thumb2: :vulcan_salute:t2:

Would these work?

Thanks for the suggestion, matey.

This is what I have been searching for.

I did try some guy out in Phoenix Arizona, Mac’s Modeling, LLC, he apparently had the bits I was looking for.
As such I’m still awaiting a response to my request.

Plan B was to use T2M (Tuner Model Manufactory) parts that seem to be only available in OZ, via ebay. I place an order for those as a back up as it was the closest I could find.

Additionally, these are the detail up bits I got.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you view it, I have succumb to the “need for detail”. I was so hoping to avoid it, but that proved to be a “bridge too far”.

Till the next update. :vulcan_salute:t2: