Eduard 1/48 BF110F Profipack Build

Agree with that, I now get exactly the same type and quality from unbranded multi sets from Mr Bezos… fraction of the cost.

Tamiya are generally expensive, it doesn’t matter what it is. Their tools are also very expensive. Generally the quality of their tools is very good though.

That said, i’ve just paid £54 (inc VAT + P&P) for some Meng advanced side cutters as the Tamiya ones i had have seized up in fairly short order. Which is disappointing. Will keep the Tamiya cutters as spares.

I have tried other brands of masking tape but havent found anything yet as good as the Tamiya product. My perception is that the tape has just the right amount of adhesion.

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RLM 74 & 75 applied and (upper surfaces) masking removed.

I do quite like doing splinter patterns because it is very ‘definate’, it is easy to mask off, rather than fighting with Blu-Tack sausages or even God forbid, freehand demarkation.

Now ready for the mottling overspray of RLM 70.