Feuerlöschpanzer/Firefighting Tanks



These will add a nice bit of color to some people’s cabinets! :+1::sunglasses:

This kind of vehicles have proven to be very useful in forest fires


I’ve seen on the news that the Marder Firefighter Tank is/was in use during the forest fires in Brandenburg/Germany recently.



Not only the Marder, but also the SPOT-55, It´s about time that we get in Gemany some Canadair Löschflugzeuge.

From internet.
As a sidenote, the Marder 1 A1 is the prototype of the Marder mortar carrier. It was used for long years at Meppen proving ground and is now part of Militärmuseum Stammheim.

Commercial site of company that leases Löschpanzer and other equipment.



That would be interesting, but where will they replenish the water? Ericksson sky cranes may be way more useful in Germany that the planes.

It depends were the fire are. For the current fire in Berlin-Grunewald, they might go to Baltic Sea. Also we have a lot of lakes in Germany. Normally, Bundeswehr helps with CH-53 and NH-90, Bundespolizei provides Eurocopter Cougar.

Very interesting and unique vehicles - thank you all for sharing :+1:

Nice photos. I would love to model that M113 but not sure if I can do those decals.

Btw, that looks like a Mig-21 engine. Bet it blows away anything it gets pointed at. Based on this, it will be cool to build a what-if out of a M60 or M1 as fire fighting rig and use GM or PW jet engine.

You’ll find more views here.


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Yes, the decal will be a challenge. But why do the use M113? Are there no French APC´s?

More images opf the 2S23 Nona-SVK

Commercial videos of the Fire Fighting Marder

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Thanks Frenchy. Looking through and this looks to be a cool combo as a modeling project…




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The Fire Fighting Marder or Airmatic RED seem to be an easier conversion. A shame that the RoG kit is OOP.
Airmatic RED_01
Airmatic RED_02
Airmatic RED_03
Airmatic RED_04
Airmatic RED_05
Airmatic RED_06
Airmatic RED_07
Airmatic RED_08
Airmatic RED_09
Airmatic RED_10
Airmatic RED_11
Airmatic RED_12
Airmatic RED_13
Airmatic RED_14
Airmatic RED_15
Airmatic RED_16
Airmatic RED_17
Airmatic RED_18
Airmatic RED_19
Airmatic RED_20
Airmatic RED_21

Airmatic RED_23
Airmatic RED_24


@HermannB those are wonderful. Was RoG 1/35 kit the only game in town for this subject?

There is a resin kit from Elite Modellbau. But it would take to much efforts to build, especially the resin tracks are a PITA. Fortunatly I have some Marder1 A3 kit fragmets lying around. Should I do it???

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I guess they needed a tracked APC…Maybe there was no second hand AMX-10P available, or the M113 was cheaper… :roll_eyes:

A few more views on Flickr.com