Flat spray

In your opinion , whats the best Flat spray paint . rattle can or air brush .Thanks .

Tamiya is the best flat coat I use. Only down side is that the cans really too small!


Amazon sells them. https://www.amazon.com/stores/page/6ED1885E-9A6F-4F00-A501-FF5C4C944AF7/search?ingress=2&visitId=e0542f75-7795-4c5f-a331-662c66453aa0&ref_=ast_bln&terms=flat%20coat

“UV Cut” is to prevent the flat spray from turning yellow from the sun’s UV rays. I never had that problem, but for those who display their models on the window sill, I suppose it’s worth it.

There is also a Clear coat too.

Mr. Hobby’s spray cans are larger than Tamiya’s and cost a few dollars more.

I’ve had my best results with Humbrol Matt Clear thru my airbrush. An absolutely dead flat finish. Everything else that I’ve used has left a slight sheen or gets an amber color tone with over years.

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Lou,I use Alclad Matte,I dust it on lightly,sprays right from the bottle,dries dead flat.

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Me too Stik, stuff airbrushes great and gives a dead flat finish.,

I use Tamiya also and have never had it yellow with age

The ones mentioned above are excellent and work well.

However this discontinued product is the absolute BEST flat coat I’ve ever seen or used.

Tamiya Matte Clear rattle can (TS-80) is IMHO the best thing going. I admit to being unwilling to try anything else. (Why would a risk a new model - or $10 - on trying something new/different?) I don’t tend to try and fix what ain’t broke!

Also I feel I can so confidently get what I need out of the Tamiya rattle cans so why would I mess with the color change ups and after clean-ups of the Air Brush?

If you are getting a gloss or semi-gloss out of your matte spray it is because you are applying the clear coat too wet. You don’t want a smooth coating of any matte color. You want to hold the gun or spray can well away from the work so the spray falls almost dry onto the piece giving you a microscopically pebbled, rough, “toothed” surface. Any matte coating put on too “wet” will flow out and create a smooth surface. And any/all smooth surfaces will reflect under the right conditions and appear semi-gloss. 15+ years as a studio product photographer taught me that!

Additional advantage: This rough “tooth” is great for accepting pigments (pastels) for weathering. Once “scrubbed” into this rough surface the oil pastels become almost totally permanent with no need for further top-coating.

I can show beaucoup photos if you need to see them!


A similar thread with more information and various viewpoints can be found at:

paint or clear coat?

Sorry but no idea who your question is directed to.

As for me, I am predominantly an Armor guy so I use both matte colors AND matte clear. Mostly Tamiya rattle cans.

There just seemed to be multiple answers going on here. One about clear coats the other about paint.

Ive used testors for clear coats. But I really like using Vallejo for flat finishes.

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no one in particular . just a general question.

Read online a few years ago a lot of very bad comments that Vallejo flat coats turn gloss after a few months if in a humid environments.

Any thoughts on that?

Seeing pictures other folks terrible results with Vallejo flat going gloss scared we away from trying it.


Do you mean going gloss on the model or in the bottle?

Glossing up on the model after being in high humidity.

I have some done with Vallejo and i havent had that happen,my basement can get humid at times,have to keep an eye on that.

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I really havn’t had that issue yet. and I run a humidifier in my room almost year round. Plus its Dallas Texas also.

What I get a silly enjoyment out of is first sealing in decals in gloss spray clear coat from a can, weather, filter, then use airbrush for the flat. What I like about spraying the flat is the moving of the object being sprayed and watching the gloss areas disappear. Much like spraying your main color over a shaded multi primer. Its an ADD thing.

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