Spray Can Gloss And Dull

If you use spray cans like me which brands are you using for gloss and dull coats?

Tamiya. Good coverage and have not had them dry “milky” as i have had with other brands

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I agree. I’ve had good luck with Tamiya as well.


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Dull Cote = Tamiya or Testors

Gloss Coat = Testors One Coat Lacquer. Over Testors One Coat lacquer base color.

I use Testors for both and have had only good luck with them.

Testors Dull Cote is okay at best, as far as the finish goes. Yes, it is flat, but not completely. Clothing on figures will still have a bit of an unrealistic sheen. I like to use spray cans when I can get away with it, but for flat finishes I bust out the airbrush.

I use Mr. Hobby Matt Coat. The mist is very fine and there is less odor.

I used to use Testors, but I find Testors sprays on pretty heavy.

I’m new to using Tamiya (TS-80) Flat Clear. It seems to be doing the trick.


In addition to Dullcote, Testors make Lusterless Flat that is lacquer based. It fives a dead flat finish.

I’ve never seen that, but it’s worth looking for. Kinda like admitting they know their regular Dull Cote ain’t cutting it.

I don’t use it myself but a few of the guys in our club use it and swear by it, and prefer it over Dullcote. And yeah I always thought the same thing.

That is the one I use. It is flat as can be.

Do you use a rattle can or an airbrush for testors dull cote. In my experience you can mist it on with an AB and get a dead flat coat. Out of the can it goes on a bit wet and leaves a sheen.

This was hit with dull cote out of an AB

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