For sale - Vallejo Model Air & Model Color @ $1.65/bottle

Vallejo Model Air & Model Color @ $1.65/bottle.
Vallejo Panzer Aces @ $1.85/bottle.

This is leftover Colorado Miniatures inventory. I still have almost 100 different colors left in stock. I want to sell these off ASAP so that I can give away my Vallejo paint racks before the end of the month. I don’t see an option to attach a PDF to this post, but you can find a PDF showing the colors I still have and their quantities over in the TimeLines Forum Group on facebook.

First come, first served. Contact me with the list of paints you want and I’ll work up the total with shipping for you.

Gray Creager - remove the “86”

Got my paints today, quick and easy to work with Gray. He is GTG. :+1:

Are there still available?