Forgotten Wars Group Build

It seems like there is enough interest in this to make a thread and start counting interest in participating. Every proposal I’ve listed is open to discussion. Let me know if you want something different.

Duration: 9 mos
Start date: 1 March 2021
Scale: any
Subject: from a “forgotten war” during the Cold War era (1945-1991) - a war that did not have direct participation from the US or the Soviet Union (Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan are out, for example)
Restrictions: nothing allowed that is 25% or more complete at start

Armor Buff
Phantom Phanatic
9. ?
10. ?

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Yeah. Okay I’m in Phil… I may need to relook at what else I’ve I enlisted for…

I have so many options for this in my stash…
Alvis Saladin in the Aden Emergency
CVR(t) Scimitar, Scorpion or Samson or AML-90 or LVTP in Falklands
AMX 13 with Chaffee turret Algerian War
T-55 in the Ten Day War (Slovenian independence from Yugoslavia)
Suez Crises, too many to list…

Looking forward to this one.

The ten Day War is after 1989, that was in 1991. Scope as Phil mentioned is (1945-1989).
But I think the war in Yugoslavia might be a campaign subject on it’s own. :wink:

If I can find some Irish soldiers, I’ll go with a Jadotville siege scene.

Dude! I usually don’t do campaigns, but I thought of doing something very similar. I want to kitbash this vehicle:

Then I’ll add these figures that I’ve already ordered:

My idea is to have them lounging in the background during the white flag truce between Pat Quinlan and Rene Faulques. I’ll probably rework a British figure for Quinlan.

What the hell, Phil - sign me up!

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@panzernl. Oops you are right their Erwin , I got carried away, when I saw ‘Cold War’, and figured it was up to Dec 1991 when the Soviet Union dissolved, being the generally accepted end of the Cold War. I need to learn to read the fine print… :rofl:

Sounds like I should update the dates to -1991…

Hey, then we can make something similar. I was thinking about something like this.


I will look for some figures that fit on that display.

BTW, your package is on its way

@phil2015 sign me up too![

Phil, count me in please.

Six Day War Syrian Panzer IV.

I am definitely in. I will be doing a T-55A of the Rhodesian Army.


I saw a thing on YouTube yesterday where Hamilkar Barkas is planning to do a Rhodesian T-55 also. I think that’s a very interesting subject. Seems like the airplane guys should be interested in this campaign also.

Giving this a bump to see if we might find a couple of additional interested folks to get us over the top.

I think 8 is enough to say this is a go-er. People usually join once a build is in motion anyway.

Just noticed this proposal, and I’m in.

I’ll give this a shot if it will help get you over the top, since it’s looking like our governor is planning on shutting things down again.

That pushes us over, thanks guys! It will be great!

For some reason I can no longer edit the original post (sent a note to Jim about that…). But I’ll add your names when I can and we’ll plan to start on 1 March. I’ll be doing a T-55 in Iranian service, captured from the Iraqis.

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I’m keeping a close eye on this and if I have the time, nearer the date, I’m in with the Tamiya Centurion in Suez marking.

I’m in! Would a M50 or M51 from the 6 day war be acceptable in the Campaign rules?

I take it that small US “interventions” like Panama, Grenada, and Dominican Republic are out as well? But larger non US actions such as Falklands or Suez are a go?

Cool, Ezra. I’ll add you if I get edit access to the original post…

Yeah, trying to do conflicts without direct US or Soviet participation. But now you ask, it gives me an idea for yet another campaign…

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