Forgotten Wars on Armorama

I’m trying to get a forgotten wars group build going over on Armorama. I imagine aeroscale folks see that in the thread feed too, but I thought I’d call attention to it if not. Airplanes will be welcomed too. It’s for wars during the Cold Wars but without US or Soviet participation - so wars other than Korea, Vietnam, or Afghanistan I guess…


Sounds interesting. I’ve been planning on an Omani Strikemaster for years that I just never seem to get going.

Consider yourself signed up :grin:

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Cool. I’ve wanted to build one since reading the book Storm Front by Rowland White, a very readable history of the Dhofar War. I highly recommend it.
I think one of my favourite accounts in the book was the press ganging of Shorts Skyvans into the role of bombers. Armed with home-made napalm filled oil drums, which were simply rolled out the cargo ramp when overflying their target area. Must have been a bit hairy while being shot back at by the guerrillas!

Super nice topic. I will go and sign up. Maybe something from the Middle East wars or Yugoslavia.

Phil, I remember reading about this campaign proposal somewhere on Armorama and I would participate with a french F4U-7 Corsair during the Algerian War for Independence (1954-1962). It’s the Hasegawa kit in the Revell box from a few years ago. Just let me know what time frame you’re thinking of for this campaign.

Torsten :beer:

Consider yourself signed up! We’re starting on Mar 1. The build thread will be on Armorama here: Forgotten Wars Group Build, but planes are of course very welcome. It sounds like a great subject. I really need to build a corsair soon.