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New 1/35 KrAZ Bro wrecker truck and KrAZ-255B cement mixer truck from Four Star Miniatures

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I’m assuming these vehicles, as awesome as they are in the 3d rendition, will be a small mortgage in cost. But damn, they do tickle the modeling funny bone! :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is one built by the proprietor of Four Star Miniatures.

They are actually at a pretty reasonable price for full resin, large truck kits at 165 Euros each.

Looks like a work of art. If they could sell the mixer body alone, that would reduce the price and allow for adapting to other trucks like the Merit Diamond-T or the Mack R in 1/35th and 1/32nd scales, respectively.

The HobbyBoss KrAZ - 255 is currently out of production (maybe it will return some day)
The Roden KrAZ - 255 is less easy to build and costs around 40 Euros.

I’m not totally convinced that there would be a major savings
the option to use the mixer body on another chassis could be a good reason
for selling the mixer body separately

The HB Kraz-255 may be out of production, but it is still readily available. Dozens on Ebay; Hobbyeasy, Sprue Bros, Hannants and others show stock.

If you look at the Four Star KrAz Cement Mixer post where you asked the same question, you got a response from them.

Wait until the weekend and there will be a surprise! :slight_smile:

Hopefully we will have the answer soon.

Guys! Coming soon …

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Take a look around the webshop. There will be more news soon. We have a lot of ideas and plans. Three are already under planning. You will receive more information soon! :slight_smile:

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I totally agree Robin…selling the mixer as a separately made kit makes perfect sense. Maybe Four Stars Miniature will consider such an option, as well as telling us what other vehicles the mixer is adaptable to!.

It was Evans idea, not mine

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Compatible vehicles: Zil 131
Kamaz 4350, Ural 4320, Kraz, Man, Zvezda, ICM, Trumpeter, …