France 1944

Thought I’d jump in the water and try this new fangled system out .

Ok , seems to work , I’m in …

Well , maybe I’m not in , I have to resize my photos from Imgur and I can only post one pic per post ?

Ok take two …

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Still can’t do more than one pic , I quit , it’s early , I need coffee … maybe I’ll try later …

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Maybe imgur does not like hot linking?


I just copy/paste the url of the images, this is a screenshot of my post:

I use IMGUR, just copy/paste the BBCode into your post, as many images as you like.

Cheers, D

Thanks guys , much appreciated , will give it a try

Nice detailing Cheyenne, are the plants home made or bought ? Looks good though

It’s hitting the max file size for image uploads which I believe is set at 4MB. Thus the text


Hmm… I am curious though. Every image I upload to Imgur (even 4K sized) compress the original say 13mb image down to around 800kb when I use the download image feature. Yet your image is 4mb. How??

Ahh… because you are using 20 mega bit images (5184 x 3888 pixels). A bit ‘overkill’ for the web. :smiley:


Hmm… okay using the URL ( of the page seems to work best. You get a preview of the image and clicks through to the full image on Imgur.


Of course if the image is smaller than 4mb than you can just copy/paste it as well from the main image on Imgur.

Keep in mind you can also ‘drag and drop’ images under 4mb into the composition window as well. There are several ways to upload multiple images. The primary one being the same way you got them on any other photo hosting site. Uploading them. Getting multiple photos off another server is a lot more complicated, but this system can do that as well, it’s not not as easy because those sites don’t put the full images on a page they can be grabbed from (usually).

You can also upload multiple images straight from your computer by hitting the Upload button and then holding down the Control button on your keyboard while you select the multiple images. Hit the Upload button (which will indicate how many images you have selected) and it will upload all of them in one post.

Thanks John , preserved floral sprays from a craft store . The ivy is punched with a Green Stuff punch and placed individually on coarse twine .

Thanks Jim , will mess with it with coffee this morning .