French Army Fieldkitchen in my hometown

My first photoshoot in 2024. A guy in my hometown own a French Army ETRAC 150 Fieldkitchen. Maybe I will add this to my scratchbuild Field Kitchen collection. :slightly_smiling_face:


That looks very similar to a field kitchen we tested (Swedish Army) for some weeks during my conscript year 1985.

The official French army denomination is ETRAC-150. CR500 is the manufacturer denomination.
It still is in service. Here is a link to a French forum post ETRAC-150


Thanks Olivier for correction! ETRAC means Element TRACte de Rechauffage et de Cuisson 150 Hommes.

Definitely. This is one element of what we used to call module 150 which includes life support for a company sized unit hence the number 150.
If I remember well it comprises the field kitchen, a shower unit, a laundry unit, cots and other items.


Interesting information! How does the designation translate into English?

In the US military we call them MKTs, Mobile Kitchen Trailers.

You have a scratch built Field Kitchen collection?
Somewhere I have a walkaround of an MKT from Songnam, Korea. If I can find it it’s yours. Every Wednesday was shrimp scampi day.

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Hi Rob,
indeed I have 3 fieldkitchens finished or under construction. Tamiyas WW 2 kit, my NVA Type 180/72 and an attempt to build a TFK 250 from scratch. The last one stuck while I found no suitable wheels. I aslo had dinner from a MKT at Bamberg Volksfest some decades ago and the latest Field Kitchen Trailer a few years ago with 2nd SCR. But when I will build the MKT, it will probably without interior.

Some images of my NVA Feldküche 180/72.


Wow, that’s nice work.

Thanks Rob!

Am I seeing correctly? Did you make the C channel yourself?

Yes sure. There is nothing impossible with Evergreen Profiles.:slight_smile: The only tricky part was to include the crossmember.

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Mobile Kitchen Trailer from 5-2 ADA back in 1995

I have had to make my own twice recently:

Soon I’ll start on a welding trailer in 1/72. Unfortunately the Airfix “Ben Hur” trailer uses solid rectangular pieces where there should be C channel, so more scratching invloved.

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