Fuel trailers, early ODS

Hi all, I know this topic has been discussed somewhere on here but darned if I can find it. Im looking to build an M52 or M818 towing a fuel tanker and I remember discussion on a couple 1/32? Diecasts that could approximate the M970 trailers used. Can anyone point me toward one or more diecasts that could work?

Thanks guys, excellent site!

I don’t know of anything in die-cast. There is the old Monogram/Revell Mack R with tank trailer in 1/32. It is the same era as the M970, but doesn’t really look like it. With some work, it could look close.


Real Model did/does an M969 Fuel Tanker in 1/35.


Thanks Gino. I’ll look for the styrene kit but RM ‘s fuel tanker has been OOP for awhile now. No sign of it on the web.

Appreciate your help.

Apparently the US Army used a few of the ones in the Monogram kit at some point.

Freuhauf fuel trailer 1
Freuhauf fuel trailer 2

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Thanks again, I saw this on fleabay. You think it would work?


You sure mean SEMI trailer? Why not building a M989 trailer with 400 gal. tank unit?

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If it is 1/32 it should. I can’t tell from the pic.

Actually no. In this bigger pic of what looks like the same kit, it is 1/25.

You can check M969 TM.

But I personally think that the AMT kit won´t fit the bill.

Same series of kit but the trailer looks taller and lacks some of the underneath features. Could it be made to work?

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Wrong period Hermann, my plan mentioned above, is for an M52 or M818 semi-tractor hauling a fuel trailer

This is the same kit I posted before, just a newer boxing. It is the closest you will find to the M969 Diesel Fuel Trailer in 1/32.

If you can find good drawings with dimensions of the M969, you can probably cut this trailer down / modify it into an M969.

Thanks Gino, Ive just ordered it.

Like these (all dimensions are in inches):

This one (M131 Fuel Trailer) actually looks more like the 1/32 tanker trailer.

With these dimensions and searching Goggle for detail pics, you should be good.

It looks like the M131 Fuel Trailer was the older version that was pulled by the M52 and M818.

M131 trailer 2

Gino, you’re an absolute star! Thanks for all the above.

No problem. I already have one of the Monogram 1/32 fuel trailer and may have to do one as well…eventually.

That’s about my timeline for this too. Finding these various “little projects”?
I think my OIF vehicle stash may come on the market soon.

This should perhaps be under What the postman brought, but its for my next foray into real models. M818 for the fuel trailer, M52 for the RM stakeside trailer (or vice versa)

Any ideas for an OIF- era trailer for the M931?

You could cut down Trumpeter’s M872 trailer to the two-axle, 30ft M871.

Or scratch an M172 trailer.

Brilliant, thanks Gino. The flatbed appeals for sure.

Now that means I need another M915 kit. Know anyone who’d swap me one for a HB HETS kit?