Fujimi 1/24 scale 1970 John Wyer Gulf Porsche 917K

Much thanks for your Thumbs up.
This build of a rather old Fujimi kit has had way more challenges and surprised then I thought possible, especially since I built this kit 5 years or so ago when I came to the dark side.


The interior looks great Joel even though as you say a lot will be hidden. For an old kit it has come out very well or your a master at hiding the flaws… Looking forward to it all coming together.


Thanks so much for your thumbs up, it always means quite a lot to me. And yes, I’ve gotten pretty good at hiding flaws I can’t fix to today’s standards.

Well, the 917K finally rolled across the finish line, and I’m calling this build done even though there’s a few little pcs that still need to be glued to the top of the shell.

After installing the full interior cockpit and rear suspension, the top body shell once again had issues matting correctly. I sanded and filed the bulkhead and tops of the suspension points for a better fit, but it’s not perfect. Looking at some actual pictures you can see that the rear engine cover didn’t exactly fit flush either, so in a sense I lucked out.

The front lights and lenses were a perfect fit as well as the plexi glass covers. Unfortunately, the rest of the glass all had their issues. The side cockpit windows didn’t even fit! So it was sand and file time. Once again I got it close enough to call it good enough. The windshield in real life has the usual rubber gasket, but Fujimi didn’t even mold a line for it, so I free handed laying 1mm Tamiya tape the best I could, then 3mm tape, and fill the rest in with 10mm tape. the back was done with 18mm Tamiya tape. I air brushed the gasket with Tamiya rubber that looks just like Nato Black to me.
The top shell was glued to bottom chassis/shell and the cockpit side glass, and windshield were glued into place. Finally the tires were pressed onto their respective axles.

Here’s a few pictures of the Porsche 917K on it’s base. It’s not perfect by any means, but she done and in the books.

Thanks to all for following along, as it’s much appreciated.



Very nice Joel but that comes as no surprise…
Really impressed with how you handled the windshield gasket. Nice job . Do you think it would be in the realm of possibility to get some shots of your entire car collection together ? I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to see it.
Get well wishes to Mrs . W .
Hang in there.
Cheers buddy- Richard

Looks very good to me. Love the head on shot of the car. Classic 917.

Hope your wife’s recovery goes well. I am sure she has the best care possible with you in charge.


Nicely done my friend. It will be a show stopper at any gathering. The guys behind the color choice of this racing car were genius as it sure does make it stand strong.

Awesome job on the 917. I’ve always like the 917K, there’s just something about it. One of the best looking sports prototype endurance race cars.

Is this the same kit that Revell of Germany is issuing?


Richard & Michael,
Thanks guys for those really most positive comments on how the 917K turned out. Plenty of mistakes, and screw ups, but fortunately most don’t show in the glamor shots.

As far as those pictures of my entire car collection, are you referring to individual pics or a group pic? As it stands right now I’ve got 20 in the display and a group shot wouldn’t show much. But posting 2 max of each of the 20 builds should be doable over a tew posts even for me.

And thanks for the support with my wife. the Shoulder is sure turning out to be the toughest of the joint replacements for her.


Much appreciated my friend.
The color scheme comes from the main sponsor of John Wyer Racing, Gulf Oil, so there was never any real other color scheme options for him.

Gulf Oil 1st came into being in 1901 or so and someone in the Mellon family saw a similar company logo in Pittsburgh Pa, and designed their logo around it and it’s colors:

that logo morphed into the one we still see today even though Gulf was purchased by Chevron in the 1980s.


Thanks so much for stopping by and liking how the 917K turned out. It’s my 2nd all time favorite Porsche, only bowing to the 908/3 with it’s little 3 liter engine.

The original molds were cut by Fujimi way back in 2003, and the kit has been in production ever since with either a sponsor/color scheme change, or a modification to a few sets of molds for different LeMans versions. The Revell kit is indeed the same kit just reboxed. Same exact deal that gave Revell the rights to box their iconic Ford GT40 line. Which should bring Fujimi a continued steady flow of cash from those molds, while allowing them to mold other past and new kits.


Another top shelf build, Joel! :clap::clap::clap:

Congratulations on another brilliant finish!:beers:

A pleasure watching this one built up :relaxed:


Thanks so much my friend for your thumbs up. So glad that you enjoyed the ride from start to crossing the finish line.


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You are kidding. Joel! This model looks perfect to me, at least on this side of the Atlantic :smile: Another great finished kit joins the Willstein Racing Team. Again it was fun for me to watch this kit come together and you proved yourself again as Master of the Decals. Well done my friend! :+1:

Torsten :beers:

So glad it looks that good to you, but believe me, up close and personal there’s a few errors that are easy to spot.


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Lovely finish as always Joel, another very worthy addition to the display for you. Well done pushing through all of the challenges (at the bench as well as real life) to get this one done.

Very much looking forward to the next project now.

Cheers, D

Thanks so much for checking out the Porsche 917K as she crossed the finish line and is now in her rightful place in my Porsche display section.

So far we’re holding our own on the home front, and my wife is getting better by the day especially with pain control. The way it’s going, sooner then later she’ll have all new preplacement parts and I’m still on the originals with a ton of milage on them.


Beautiful build Joel. A model to be proud of.

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out how the 917K turned out. And thanks for your thumbs up. It’s always greatly appreciated.