Full scratch diorama. Made out of paper and cardboard

Amazing work! Hopefully the fighting leaves your area and ceases all together.



I haven’t seen this amazing build before, I’m really impressed with what you’ve done with paper and brass. VERY GOOD!! :trophy: :trophy:

and I hope you and your family are safe


Wow wow wow wow!!! This is crazy! This is the most impressive build I ever seen! You have a gift, please continue with this hobby! Stay safe and Слава Україні! /Erik


Fantastic stuff! And indeed a treat to watch. It’s fun to try and guess how some of the parts were made from paper. Still, some of them have me stumped.

There’s an old movie called Escape from Alcatraz where Clint Eastwood chews up pages from old magazines and forms the pulp into a faux air vent. I almost imagine some of these parts having to be made that way.

Very cool.

Amazing work. I am so glad you shared how you created wheels/tires from scratch. I have been contemplating creating my own wheels/tires and for the most part I had a good idea how to but seeing how you did the tread pattern gave me much needed courage & motivation. Thank you for sharing your work.

Indeed. I have been trying to figure out how to add tread detail to old 1/48 scale and 1/32 Snap kits, which have notoriously bad details as they’re molded from one side only. I had considered vinyl ribbons of treads pattern but paper is genius.


Outstanding scratch-building artistry, and incredible attention to detail. Bravo!

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Glad you chose to reproduce the wood flooring in the loadbox and the winch access hatch.
Both are details missing from the Tamiya offering!
(I added them to mine.)

Kudos on your amazing work!

My Tamiya Famo


Another small detail you MIGHT choose to add:
But I suspect you already know about this variant!

That large pulley is only temporary so that for how i can still remove the load box.