Future campaign requirements

The first campaign is going well and shows lots of promise. Everyone is welcome to join. Wow you've got a great figure! - #118 by Jan_Degryse

Some great questions have arisen that I think the community should probably discuss for any future campaigns. Please add any that questions you have and provide your input to all questions asked. I will try to update the questions and answers in this post as we move forward for easy lookup.

Q1. Any limitations on nudity/eroticism?
A1. From @staff_Jim, “ We normally have always kept things pretty family friendly in our forums. Definitely a no on the eroticism stuff. Nudity is probably okay if it’s just breasts or showing a lot of skin”

Q2. If started figures are allowed what does the traditionally 25% look like?
A2. Undecided

Q3. Outside of a scratch built campaign, is assembly of a figure a requirement?
A3. Undecided


Thanks for picking up the campaign and running with it. I like the flexibility you have shown for a first campaign. It’s pretty clear there’s a lot of interest in it. The amount of interest has surprised me, but that probably says more about how little I know about interest in figure building and painting than anything else

For your questions
Q1: whatever the management rules are here sound good to me.
Q2: No more than one complete limb for figures that have 4 limbs? I have no serious guidance to give.
Q3: Given that there’s a lot of interest in the topic, it seems like you might be able to have a scratch-built campaign in the future, or a painting only campaign? These are questions that never crossed my mind.

And I’ve gathered that historically there were figure building campaigns and folks who participated in them are probably better guides than I will ever be.

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