FW190A-7 Eduard Profipack 1/48

Hi dear modellers, I am from Brazil and this is my first topic here.

I can’t building nothing in the last 3 years and now I come back to de hobby model.

My choice for this model because is a classic model and a great model.

Model: FW 190A-7.
Branding: Eduard.
Code: 8172.
Version: Profipack.
Parts: 232.
Model lenght: 186mm.
Wingsoan: 210mm.
Afters includes : Photoetched, canopy mask and stencil.
Extra Afters: Guns set of Master Miniature
Decal: 4 options
✓ 2/JG 1. Dortmund, Germany. January: 1944
✓ Maj.Hans-Günter von Komatzki, CO of Sturmstaffel 1, Salzwedel Germany. February: 1944
✓ Oblt. Waldemar Radener, CO of 7/JG 26. Cambrai-Süd, France, 1944.
✓ Heinz Bär, CO of II/JG 1, Störmede, Germany, Apri:l 1944


Sounds like a sweet build!

Looking forward to following.

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Thanks man.

I was start this building yesterday, I clean and I make strong the panel lines.


Nice work so far and welcome to the forums and back to modelling…

Looks like a nice build to get back into it.

I like the 1st and 4th decal options… Nice and colourful…:+1:

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Thanks Johnny.
I like the first and the trird but I prefer the first.
It is a paint challenge for me.

since my Saturday night appointment was cancelled, let’s go to the bench!


Nice choice and will be following. I picked this one that kinda follows along with your nose art choice. I like the first one also.

May I ask what you did to the panel lines? raising them or deepening them. I havent taken mine out of the wrap for two years now lol.


Hello Mr. Clark, nice model too, put in your bench and hand work…rs

About painel lines and rivets I deep more, because in the past I was problems whith painel lines.
Because this, now I prefer deep painel lines before apply primer.

Here in Brazil we have a popular saying
“Scalded cat fears cold water!”

Good night and thanks for accompany this topic.


The work the last night.

Next step start the cockpit.

Good Sunday for all


Cockpit is done!


A little bit modification, just open holes for more realistic.


A little more


nice looking details on it … building up well :+1:

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Thanks Johnny.

I am like too.

A little test for see itf are ok


panel lines looking really good. Would love to get that out of mine.

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Agree, great work on those panel lines :+1:

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Thanks MrClark and Johnny.

For me make panel lines and rivets is most pleasure step in building.

For me painting is, but not the scribbing part. Which tools do you like for this?