Gaahleri Compressors

Does anyone have an opinion on Gaahleri’s airbrush compressors? I’ve heard nothing but praise about their airbrushes, so I was looking at their website and saw that they made compressors. TIA!

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I think they are part of the generic chinese made compressors like Vevor, etc. Do you have a specific model in mind?

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Not especially, no, since they only make two. But I think I am leaning more towards the square one that does two airbrushes at once.

This one?

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Yes, that one!

I would not buy a compressor without air tank.

At that amount of money I would search for one with a tank. I have been testing this

for the past couple of weeks for a friend of mine that wants to start a dealership in Greece, I think a similar compressor is a better option. The noise level is the same as the one you posted.

The only thing I would change in the compressor I am testing is that I would use more heavy duty vibration dumpers or even fix the compressor on a piece of steel/wood with heavy duty vibraiton dumpers and add wheels from slicone or similar under the steel/wood.

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The label on the compressor says “1L Air Tank” but maybe the website says something different. I’ll check out that other compressor. Thanks for your input and suggestions! :grin:

Too small, the compressor will work all the time and get hot at around 20 mins more or less. I found it very frustrating to have to keep my mind on how much time I have spent with the compressor on. Having a tank enables you to take your time.

Lots of options in the US for cheap air compressors with a tank. If you care about noise levels, anything below 65 db is excellent.

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I have a compressor with a large tank. It’s good for spraying models, the grand kids bike tires and my wifes car tires. She is very good at finding nails and screws lost by whomever with her tires. It is noisey but when I run it I go get a cup of coffee

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I have this compressor. Picked it up at Christmas along with an airbrush on a smokin’ deal. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Just turned it on to see how it worked. It does shut down when the small tank fills up, but I don’t know how far I would get under working conditions yet. It is a big improvement on my first-generation Badger compressor that was finally giving up. One day I hope to have time to get to the bench and paint, and I can say how well it works.

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Alright, will you let me know how it goes if you get a chance to use it?

According to the manufacturer “The 1L tank offers a balance of compactness and efficiency, suitable for a variety of airbrushing applications. While it’s true that smaller tanks like the 1L may have shorter cycling times compared to larger tanks, this design choice is intended to maintain the compressor’s compact size and portability”.

As for getting hot: “Our compressors are built to withstand the demands of prolonged airbrushing sessions. They are engineered with quality components and cooling systems to ensure reliable performance and prevent overheating, even during extended use.”

Okay, thank you, that’s interesting. When @Witness uses his for a prolonged session I think he will let us know how it holds up. I wonder how they keep it cool.

I ran the compressor for about 30 minutes tonight. It is the first time in almost two years that I have had time to get out the airbrush and do some work. I was also testing an indoor bucket filter setup to make sure there was no odor. When working at 15 PSI the compressor would shut off and run off the small tank for about 30 seconds, then run for a couple of minutes before shutting down. Above 20 PSI it ran continuously without shutting off. At the end of the session I felt the tank and it was a little warm but similar to my old Badger. My son is an electronic whiz and I can have him hook a small fan up to improve air circulation with the compressor.

The airflow was steady, the pressure gauge was easy to adjust, and I have no complaints about performance so far. Waiting for some putty to arrive so I can prep a couple more kits and I will do more painting. It is a little louder than the Badger, but I ran that on a concrete floor in the basement and I am now on a hardwood floor upstairs.


1/3 HP Airbrush Piston Spray Gun Air Compressor Oil-Less Pump Double Cylinder | eBay this is similar to what I have, used it often the past 9 years.


I have an affordable generic dual piston compressor that is very nice, no complaints at all. steady working pressure is essential for quality airbrushing that requires a

minimum 2liter Tank capacity. I would personally no buy the one you are conside

ring, the compressor will drive you nuts trying to keep the tank full. here is what I have, readily available online. they all look similar. sorry for the mistakes on my post, moderator has a muzzle on me because I am a new member.


No trouble, thanks! I get that about your post. It’ll go away soon, I promise.

Alright, thanks! I’ll look into that, it seems that a 2 liter or larger air tank is the way to go.


Any update on how well the compressor works for a longer time period?

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I haven’t had any issues so far. I have done up to an hour at a time and it has been just fine. A larger air tank would be beneficial, but the little tank still gives the compressor a break and it doesn’t overheat. I am hoping to get more time at the bench for a long session, but life keeps happening.


Great, thanks!

Does anyone know for sure if the other compressor offered by them is still a 1 l tank? I can’t find anything that says otherwise and the dual drive airbrush set just looks like that in case in a box with some minor changes. My compressor finally quit on me is the reason I ask.