Garage Queens 2020

With two months left, I wasn’t going to move this over, but everything is moving over so fast and D came up with the easy way to do it. So here goes.
Welcome to the official New Site Garage Queens 2020 thread. This is the place to get that garage queen out from under the tarps and the old Christmas decorations, solve that problem, find your mojo and push or drag it over the finish line.
Here’s where we stood at the end of October:
Well with less than ten weeks left, it looks like almost everyone, except Damien is slacking off.
Damian – AussieReg – yes - '71 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible –Completed
Damian – AussieReg – yes –’67 Dodge Charger 426 HEMI –Completed
Damian – AussieReg – yes –’67 Pontiac GTO –Completed
James - jimb – yes – Kenworth W900 – Completed
Jesper - Hwa-Rang – yes – TBD
David - Dixon66 – yes - Cobra?
Mark - md72 – yes - 57 Bel Air – Side trim and first color coat, now with 2nd color coat
Patrick - Bluebell914 – yes - Martini Porsche 917k - final assy
Robert - rv1963 – Ed Roth Outlaw – Final decals

Well 7 entries and 4 completes, wouldn’t be too mad if it wasn’t mostly one guy. Mind you Jimb had more plastic in his rig. Oh and it looks like we spawned another campaign on our own.

I finally got the chrome masked off and the Ivory sprayed on the roof and interior. <> Oh, and get the camera battery recharged so I can post pics. Update, I got the masking done and laid down a turquoise coat.

Here’s the link to the old thread. Garage Queens 2020 :wave:

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Good idea to move it across Mark, according to Jim it might only be a week or two until the old AutoModeler site is archived!

Just for posterity, here are my completed trio, plus a bonus!
'71 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda (completed February 1st)

'67 Dodge Charger (completed May 9th)

'67 Pontiac GTO (completed September 10th)

And one that didn’t quite make the 2019 deadline but only really needed a tiny bit of work and some photos in 2020!
'59 Cadillac El Dorado Biarritz (completed January 2nd)

I would love to see a couple more Garage Queens out of the storage, off the bench and on display before we see out 2020!.

Cheers, D

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Thanks for moving this over. D. sure has been working hard to clear off his Shelf of Shame. I still have a couple on the Shelf of Shame my self: 1974 Kenworth K100 that the cats demolished last year chasing a vole across my work bench (Cats:3; Trucks:0), and a 1949 Mercury Club Coupe that just can’t seem to get painted correctly.



That’s sure some collection that you got there. I especially like the convertible Caddy as one just doesn’t see this kit build very often. In my case I can’t remember seeing it built previously.


Haven’t lost this one yet. Mid way thru the turquoise coat.

THe interior worked out pretty good.

Just need to get the steering wheel fitted.
THe underside is going to be a challenge. All molded detail, gotta figure out how to mask and air brush or try the hairy stick.

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This one is coming together very nicely Mark, neat work!

That is probably the hardest part of these kits, getting the exhaust system painted neatly. I explained my process over on the “Dreams” Group Build thread with my '57 Nomad build, hopefully that helps.

Cheers, D

Ok, looking at the cuda makes me want to finish my 71 duster… today. Nice work.

Greg, go for it! You’ve got 6 weeks to run in this Group Build. Many thanks, glad you like my 'Cuda build.

Cheers, D

Progress on my 57 Bel air. Got the chassis detailed out (thanks D!).
Another coat of turquoise sanded down on the body. Looks like I need a 3rd coat :roll_eyes:
Then I get to add alllll of the chrome. :wave:

Always more than happy to help out Mark, you know that! Especially where there’s a '57 involved :grin: :heart_eyes:

The underside looks sharp, and I really like the body colour. One more coat to even it out after the sanding and you’re good to go on the chrome mate.

Cheers, D

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I never realized just how much chrome these things actually had. I was sweating the masking line between the roof and the body and it turns out the Ivory never actually touches the Turquoise, it’s all chrome in between. All the window trim, the A pillar, the rear pillar and all the window surrounds are chrome alog with the side trim, the top trim on the rear finder and the "inlets; on the hood. I’m afraid the paint swallowed up the Sport Coupe logo and the 3 bents on the headlight sides. Looks like the Chevrolet and the V on the hood and trunk are actually gold.

Got the bumpers detailed up Used panel liner in the grille, gave it a lot of life. Even managed to get the Chevy emblem painted up. The wheels are ready, the chassis is ready the interior is ready, Just need to polish out the Turquoise and do the chrome. :worried:


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Looking good mate, acres of chrome!

Cheers, D

Very nice looking grill assembly, Mark. The wash & the logo look great.


Just found your Shelf Queen build as I’m still getting use to the new site.

You’re making excellent progress on that '57 Belaire for sure. Does bring back a lot of found memories as my best friend’s parents had not one but two of them brand new. And one was in Chevy Turquoise. Just don’t remember which one was the convertible, and the other a hardtop.

Nice job on the molded in details on the bottom of the chassis. I also struggled with that as more and more kits seem to have it that way.

As for the grill, the black wash really makes a huge difference.


Well Damian and all, you see it is like this. The Cobra met with a fantastical accident and is no more, a cinder block “fell” on it. After the semi trailer is finished, I’ll be taking a break from AMT kits for a while so I don’t lose my sanity.

David, you can’t blame the cinder block, it’s all Gravity’s fault!

I’m sorry that your AMT build came to an untimely end, my prescription is a good drop of bourbon and a Tamiya kit to overcome the grief.

Cheers, D

Single malt scotch was drunk in memory. Also, if memory serves me correct, this is the second time I’ve binned that particular model. I think the first time was 20-25 years ago.

Well, I think I laid down my third, or was it the fourth layer of paint on this beastie yesterday. I’ll probably drink the fifth. :roll_eyes: The sanding seems to highlight high spots with thin paint. The rest of the paint is holding up well. :wave:

3 weeks to go, plenty of time to get a couple more Garage Queens out of hiding and onto the display shelves!

Come on folks, who’s game?

Cheers, D