Garage Queens 2021

Next order of business!

As 2020 draws to a close, time to cast our eyes to the next chapter in the Garage Queens series.

I think the following Rules and Regulations pretty much cover it:

  1. Kit must have been started.
  2. Any scale, any type from any of the AutoModeler sections.
  3. Must post a starting picture to the Group Build thread.
  4. Must post a completed picture in the Group Build thread.

Of course, we would like to see as many progress reports as possible, we all love to watch and learn from each other, so this can be here in the main thread, or in a dedicated Build Log thread with brief notifications here.

Since we don’t have the structured Group Build program that existed on the old site (yet), I’m not sure that there will be much for a Group Build Leader to do, but in the interests of continuity I would call for somebody to put some time into regular monitoring and promotional posts.

Lets all dig around in our stashes and drag out that troublesome old beater and put some time and effort in to getting it dusted off, shined up and on the shelf.

I will keep a list of participants updated here as we go.

AussieReg (Damian) - '53 Corvette - 1/24 Revell kit - COMPLETED
md72 (Mark) - decisions, decisions! :thinking:
Littorio (Luciano) - Hemi Cuda
Lakota (Don) - Corvette
Cosimodo (Michael) - Ford Escort Rally
Betheyn (Andy) - Renault Alpine
Hwa-rang (Jesper) - '65 Mustang - COMPLETED

Cheers, D

I have trawled through my “Started” listing on ScaleMates, which is embarrassingly long, and decided to stick with my favourite theme.

I have a Revell 1/25 '57 Chevy Convertible which has had a start on a few sub assemblies, so I’m going to give it the daylight it deserves!

I will probably go with the box art colour scheme for an old-school stock build.

Cheers, D

Love it. After finishing my 57 coupe, I really want to see how it’s supposed to be done. I don’t actually have a car that I started I can bring to this build. There is a 1/35 Ford GPA and a 1/72 JASDF fuel truck that I haven’t finished. But there might be 3 or 4 used car kits where someone started doing the work, gave up, sent it to the local charity shop for me to bring home. I could use one of those, couple of them might need the hand brushed paint stripped off. :wave:

Great! :roll_eyes: A weekend stop at my favorite charity hobby shop, I new have 3 new garage queens. Oy Vey. A 48 Ford Deluxe convertible, 51 Chevy Bel Aire and a 56 Ford Victoria. All three have paint on the body, a nifty royal blue on the 51, a rather nice yellow and the body trim done on the 48, and a really bad, black, I hope it’s primer on the 56. In the box with the 48 Bel Aire is a resin body shell for a Panel van. Never done a resin body. Have no clue how do do a resin body and even less idea about rebuilding the interior. Doubt I could build the panel van for this build as I think that would be an all new build. :grin:
The Lambo is an old Nichimo Countach LP500S. It was supposed to be motorized, the motor and instructions are missing. Not sure the rest of the parts are there or if I could outsmart the parts and finish it,
Looks like a Ford finish for me, Either the 48 or a 68 Mustang GT.

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Ok I’m up for it, I need to get my Hemi’Cuda finished. The body is sitting in a sealed plastic food container to keep the dust off after I last airbrushed it about a year ago and the interior, engine and chassis are sitting on the shelf of shame partially wired.

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I’m in, still need to finish the Corvette I was working on last year.
Take care and stay safe friends,
Don “Lakota”

I have a leftover from the Blue Oval campaign. I was doing a double build of Ford Escorts. Finished one but I wanted to make my own decals for the other. It never really got off the ground and I bought some decals for a 1974 Escort in the Finnish Thousand Lakes Rally.
I started this at Xmas as a way of trying to re-energise myself into building again after the very trying pig build.
Here’s where we were at Xmas.

So interior was already complete. I stripped the bodyshell back to bare plastic, re=primed and painted Ford Diamond White from Gravity. Decals are from Studio 27.

I will plug away at this and see if I have any motivation to do more.


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Great stuff Michael, those decals are awesome! This will sit beautifully beside your Blue Oval build.

Looking forward to more progress reports.

Cheers, D

Outstanding! That’s 5 of us and we are less than 1 week into 2021. I have added a list of participants to the opening post and will keep it updated as we progress through the year.

I’m sure there are plenty more Garage Queens that deserve attention out there, get them out of the stash and within reach of the bench, even if you give them a little bit of time in between other project sessions.

Welcome to 2021 folks, I hope everybody is staying safe and well, and that we all have a great year.

Cheers, D

Count me in, I have a Renault Alpine I really need to finish.
Andy :slight_smile:

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Welcome aboard Andy, it will be great to see the Alpine getting some love!

Cheers, D

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I’m looking forward to seeing as many of these builds completed in 2021.

Fortunately for me, my mantra of only one build at a time till completion, or in the rare case: the oval file, I don’t have any Shelf Queens to enter.


Since I binned the Cobra, I also have no started auto/truck kits except for one HMMWV firetruck that I was building several years ago and shelved due to limited/no availability of 1/35th scale fire apparatus. Black Dog released some stuff, but I haven’t been able to source it (cash and desire are lacking).

I too will be watching you all finish up these shelf queens.

Well I got the Alpine out of the sin bin under my desk, found the original thread over on AutoModeler, so play can resume.
Alpine Renault A110 build
Started the build on February 20, 2019.
And this is the current state of play.

The reason it got garaged is that when I sprayed the body, it went all orange peel on me, so that’s the first thing on the list, fix that :joy:.
Andy :slight_smile:

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So glad that you’ve decided to go back to work on the Alpine.

Once the shell is stripped and primed, you’ll feel way better, your Mojo will be topped up in its tank, and the color coats will go smooth as silk.


Well happy to start 2021 with a completion. A pretty straightforward garage queen and hopefully I get onto something new on the weekend.
Ford Escort MK1 by Belkits, a leftover from the Blue Oval Campaign.

And here with it’s partner from that campaign



Lovely Escorts Michael.
How did they go together, I keep thinking of buying one?
Anyhoo, I haven’t been idle, this is the current state of the Alpine Renault A110.

Next up is the decals.
Andy :slight_smile:

I’m in. GQ I will never run short of.

The '65 Mustang is still on the workbench. Here masked of, ready for window trim.

Glad you like them. One my favourite cars, the Ford Escort. The kit goes together very well with only issue. The glass comes as a single piece, i.e. front , rear and side windows are one piece and meant to slide in and fit against the roof. Works for front and rear but the side windows don’t go in far enough. It’s easy to cut them into their component parts and they fit fine. Work getting the aftermarket kit for them, the PE adds a lot of subtle finesse, grill, wipers, bonnet catches, FORD lettering and so on.


@cosimodo - brilliant stuff mate! Your Escort Rally duo looks awesome, a great display piece. Great to see the new year starting off with an early completion for you, hope to see a few more!
@betheyn - great progress on the Alpine. The rolling chassis looks very nice with plenty of detail, and the body is progressing well. Looking forward to the decals going on.
@Hwa-rang - a 60’s muscle car, I’m always going to have a big smile when one of these hits the boards! Really neat masking job, can’t wait to see more progress on this build.

I’m going to do my best to resist dragging the 57 Ragtop out just yet, I want to get the Nomad and the BMW 507 Duo finished first. Let’s see how long I can hold out :thinking:

Cheers, D