Gecko Models 1:35 Skid Steer

Hi all
Finished this one week ago, what to say?, model is in my opinion over complicated, parts are hard to cut without breaking and simply too small to handle easily, more of a model for those 1:72 maniacs.
Biggest problem I had is with photoetched parts, too thin and bend easily etc.
anyway, here is the result:


I really like how it turned out. :+1: Looks a home in the diorama.

Any more photos of the wheeled version?


For all the problems, it looks great. very nice little dio. :+1:


Civilian as requested:


Looks superb, great job.

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Thanks. That build looks great too. :+1:

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I did the same one a while ago. Yours looks great. I hear you on the tiny parts and PE issues. It was a challenge, but worth it in my opinion.

Gecko US Army Heavy Type II Skid Steer Loader (M400T) Build - Armor/AFV - KitMaker Network

Both look wonderful and convey form, fit, and function on such a small circular base. Awesome job! :grinning:

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Very well done and in an amazingly short time frame!

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I’ve wanted to get one of these to replicate the skid-steers we use at the beach I work at. Fun little machines that I don’t get nearly enough time in. We use Takeuchis and Bobcats though.

it was difecult and lost some very small parts. I come to like Gecko more so than other kits.

Looks great, great job.