German Industrial Tractor D8511 Mod 1936 with Cargo Trailer and Figure | Armorama™

Here we take a look at the latest tractor from MiniArt in the form of a German Industrial Tractor D8511 Mod 1936 with cargo trailer and figure in 1/35th scale

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Now we can only hope that they can actually deliver …
Stupid war …

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According to Brian at Scale Reproductions Hobbyshop in Louisville there are at least 2-3 shipping containers “on the water” right now heading for the US from Mini-Art. So there appears to be a bit of additional inventory some of us will have access to.

After that it is anybody’s guess.

As part of that same conversation, Brian delivered my pre-ordered copy of the kit discussed here.

Prayers for the Ukraine!

I have started a build blog for this interesting model over here but some current “life events” seem to have me stalled.
I will try to again move forward in the coming days.

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