Glue on plastic canopy

I got some Tamiya glue on my canopy while trying to attach a rear view mirror. Any suggestions on how to get it off without destroying the canopy?

I think the only way is to polish,modeling glue actually melt the plastic at different degrees depending from which kind…which type of Tamiya?,yellow,white…cap?

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Polishing seems the only option, with various grids and finalise with Tamiya polishing compound.

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drabslab is right.
Polishing or getting a new canopy. I use a kit from MicroMesh:
Had to polish all the clear parts on the old Airfix 1/72 Catalina many years ago.
I consumed less than 5% of the polishing pads so they go a long way.
Takes a LOT of “elbow grease” to get the job done though, it took me a few evenings listening to music while working through finer and finer grades. The last step was application of floor polish.
The clear parts were actually better after the polishing than they were from the factory.

Agree with the above with the addition of: not putting too much pressure on the canopy so you don’t crack it. After final polishing dip in Future and let it drip dry - it will look like glass! A polishing kit like this: Micro-Mesh Finishing Kit is very useful for plastic modeling, especially aircraft and car kits, for both paint jobs, and clear parts.

If I may add:

I start with grid 4000, then 6000, then 8000, the, 12000 and then Tamiya polishing compound.

The Future is also a very good point.

Good luck