Glue sniffing white punk

I’m Al, also known as @Arch-Stanton. I built my fist plastic model in about 1963-64. It was an Aurora 1/48 Panther tank. It’s memorable because it was bought on a trip tho the “big PX” on Wiesbaden AFB. My father had driven the entire family from Mainz in a beat up MB diesel sedan so my mother could shop at the “better PX” than the one on post in Mainz.

I build mostly post WW2 armor these days, a mix of US, Bundeswehr, IDF and Russian stuff, although I have Renwall and Revell build in my collection that date from the late 60s early 70s.

The only reason I actually have these built kits is because my sister carefully boxed them up and stored them for years after my parents house was closed down and sold off.

I discovered that assembling things and taking things apart relaxes me.

Maybe this is what I was a successful automobile mechanic for 25 years and a motorcycle mechanic for another 15 until I retired a decade ago.

So here I am, with a collection of models that look like wooden toys and lawn ornaments compared to some of the craftsmanship that I see on this site.

What I see here makes me want to go further and take more risks than my usual pin washes, dry brushing, questionable details and decals and attempts at 3 color camouflage.

Most of my friends think I’m insane for building models.

Anyhow, that’s my story. You guys make me want to do better.


Amazing display. Love the Junkwaffel print.

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Welcome Al, and I hope you enjoy your time here. You have what looks like a great collection of varied built kits… In fact several Regiments worth lol…

Enjoy it all and look forward to seeing what you build up next :+1:

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Welcome to the site Al. Very impressive display area you have with what looks like some very nice models and dioramas. Your 1:1 collection is pretty cool too.
I’d like to see some of your work close up if you’d care to post some more photos.


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Great collection. Who dusts it all?


Welcome along- a helluva collection of models and 1:1 gear- love the Fallout Shelter sign and that very long train-line display in your first photo.

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Thanks guys.
@Karl187 , I collect Civil Defense gear, too. You never know these days.

The train is mostly Trumpter stuff; Morser Karl in the middle.


Great display welcome aboard

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Great collection Al, looks like a museum!

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I’ve got an old (WW2) Civil Defense helmet and armband. My grandfather (WW1 Navy Vet) was an air raid warden during WW2. The helmet and armband are both white with the same striped insignia.
Looks like this one
What function/duties was wearer of the olive drab helmet? I found the insignia on your helmet as auxiliary police but wonder why the different paint color?


That’s a really nice piece of family history there, @barnslayer

As for mine, I really don’t have any idea other that it has an Auxiliary Police emblem as you said. It was painted after it got a .30cal bullet hole in it.
A buddy of mine saw my CD collection and gave it to me. No idea where he got it.

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Welcome Al. Your insane but we all here for models. Nice looking setup, like your own personal museum.

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Thank you for the additional photos. That train is an impressive piece- really looks the business. The Civil Defense gear is fascinating- a very interesting collection indeed.

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Wow, that is a jaw dropping amazing collection, your display cases themselves are a modelers dream, when did you have time to wrench on cars and bikes, you are an inspiration to us all! The stories behind your 1:1 head gear and flags would be entertaining to hear. Maybe it’s time to become a writer.


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Wow, that is an amazing collection! I imagine there are a lot of memories there.

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Beautiful collection. Like a museum. Dig that, Vaughn Bodē, artwork :+1:t3:

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Great collection of models and 1:1’s. The CD items bring back memories from the 50’s. My Mother had a CD helmet, 1st aid kits and medical books. In the event of a “attack” she would have been utilized as a nurse. We lived very close to the nike missle site located in the Blue Hills in North Randolph and Canton, MA

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Smashing display! Arch-Stanton! is that the name on the grave? lol.

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Great collection, and models! Nothing wrong with those old models; Aurora, Renwal. Revell, etc. I have lots of stuff like that myself!

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Wow! That’s a beautiful collection that you have going there! I love seeing all of those old Cold War era kits. The memorabilia is great stuff too!

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