GMC CCKW Water Truck

With my “2023 War on WIP” well under way, this is my only planned “New Start” build for this calendar year. Let’s just see how well that turns out for me :thinking: :rofl:

I picked this kit up a couple of years back from a stash clearance, a few parts off the sprues but complete and also included an Eduard PE set for good measure.

My plan is to build it as a repurposed civilian unit, old and tired but not completely trashed, a bit like this one but still functional.

Eventually I plan to put it in a diorama with a couple of Chevy Blitz trucks (with similar treatment) in a rural farm-type scene.

I’m also building this for the “Convoy!” Group Build so I will post progress in both threads as I go.

Cheers, D


The reg-nr of that tank truck says it was used by the French Army.

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Along for the ride. As I recall Mike (165th) sent me the water tank parts to kit bash with the Tamiya open cab kit.

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I made a start on the CCKW Water Tank truck, the wheels, chassis and tank are all put together and curing for a day or two before I tidy up the glue lines. There were some sink marks in the hold-downs on top of the thank that I filled with Sprue-Goo, otherwise no issues to speak of so far.

I’ve decided not to use the PE set on this build, I will be doing some rough treatment on the paint and I think I will end up knocking most of it off as I go. I will probably pick up another one of these kits to build as a restored civvy tanker at some stage and use the set there.

Cheers, D