GMC CCKW Water Truck

Some big steps forward on the crusty old tanker build!

I locked all of the oil work in with Dullcote, then detailed the tie-downs on the timber rails and gave them a final light wash with brown PLW.

The main tank, rear guards and red toolbox are fixed in place. The cab and wheels are dry fitted to see how it all looks together.

The spare wheel carrier was set in place with white glue to give some time to adjust, then the dry-fitted spare taped in place while it cures.

Cheers, D


D, this is sure looking good! the two colors look really nice - as with all the weathering!



@Stickframe thanks Nick, really appreciate the feedback!

I’ve put a few more hours into the oils on this one, working with Dust and Industrial Earth now to give some dirty streaks plus a light overall filter. I will let this cure and then work it a bit more before I lock it all in again with Dullcote.

Still lots to learn with oils, but really enjoying the process! After I’ve finished with the oils and locked them in, final assembly then I will have a play with pigments (for the first time) to build up some dirt and dust effects.

Cheers, D


I’ve decided to call time on this build, it is complete in its own right and I will leave further weathering with pigments until I have a couple more builds complete that I want to put together with this one in a diorama. That way I can be sure to tie them in together properly.

The final additions are in place now, radiator and front grille, fuel tank, tool box bracket, wipers and mirror. I gave the front and rear glass a light shot of Buff highly thinned to give a dusty look then removed the masks for the wiper path.

I’m happy with the way it has turned out and I had a lot of fun playing with the oil weathering technique, still lots to learn there though. I also just realised that this is my first ever 1/35 scale kit completed.

Cheers, D


A real beauty!!

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Small but interesting detail note:

The Italeri kit includes the steering pitman arm and drag link whereas the Tamiya kit does not. You can see it over the left front tire in one of your photos.

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Indeed it does Michael, here’s a snip of the instructions showing the parts included.

Cheers, D

Yes, a very mechanically necessary and also easily visible part, missing from the T’s Deuce and a Half:

Just Say’n

p.s. Compliments on your work here!

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Thanks for your insights and support along the way Michael, really appreciate the input!

It’s hard to understand why Tamiya omitted such an important part, as you said it’s in a very visible location as well.

Cheers, D

The Italeri CCKW kits are actually very nice and probably the best detailed on the market. Tamiya’s may be a shake and bake, easy to build kit, but not as detailed (in my opinion, true of all their kits).