Going to Amsterdam!

I have a trip to Amsterdam coming up in November and looking for any hobby shops that I might be able to visit.


I heard all the good hobby shops have a red light in the window.


Someone in Germany asked the same thing I think 10 May 1940.

It’s true!

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I remember walking around Amsterdam at night. It was dead still and not a ripple on the canals. The photos I took were fantastic. The canals being mirror smooth gave a perfect reflection of the buildings along the canal. Wish I had had more time in the city.

yeah but best not to ask about large-scale figures or the fantasy section…definitely not hot-rods.

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Aviation Megastore, Aalsmeer.
Just near Schiphol Airport.

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What is the weather going to be like in November? Cold, rainy?

Yes, unfortunately.

Like the Seattle area, stormy time of the year.

Actually exactly as Seattle but more windy i have heard from a former manger of mine,
:slight_smile: for aviation related the Aviation Megastore formerly known as “Luchtvaart Hobby Shop” is a must! (there is a bus line on the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport that has a busstop close by so you can get there by public transport. For Armour i don’t think anything is close to Amsterdam.