Greta T. in scale

A model railroad company from Germany released HO gauge figures of a world famous Swedish climate activist.

You can also now display German Klimakleber figures on your railroad diorama.

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With one of these trains rolling past

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A friend of mine attached a sticker above the exhaust pipe of his SUV. It reads F… you Greta!


Remember to properly display these figures you must glue them to the track itself.


This set is incomplete as G’s handler is missing.


I don´t remember that these guys glued themselves to tracks, I only saw them sticking to streets and airports.

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Who´s G.´s handler?

Luisa Neubauer is mentioned as such.

Odd way to spell George Soros.


You can google this: greta thunberg soros
and find all of the ways that fake story has been debunked.

I understand that the US does not want to believe in climate change,
that’s fine with me, I don’t live in a hurricane zone …


I liked her better during her death metal gig days. Really showed Entombed a thing or two.


I miss that band. I was all set to see them again a couple of years ago and the singer succumbed to pancreatic cancer.


Climate change is a natural occurrence; I know this because I teach high school Environmental Science.

However, man-caused global warming is not supported by the physical evidence which contradicts the models that are based on sketchy parameters such as ignoring the full range of inputs provided by the sun itself which drives 97% of our climate. Also, even according to NOAA and IPCC hurricanes are not becoming more numerous or intense and having graphed their own data myself that is essentially true for the last 100 years at least. What has happened, and as a Florida native I can second, is a rapid increase in coastal development and rise in cost of goods that makes hurricane seasons more costly but in reality they have been decreasingly deadly over time.

Do not get your Science™ from victims of fetal alcohol poisoning or news programs; the actual research papers can be found online.


Allthough I am a metalhead since the middle 80’s, Entombed never was my “thing”.
The background of this teenage performer and the message she preaches, are… dubious at best.
Part of a deathcult. But maybe we are venturing dangerously close to political debate here?


Since you are such an expert in this area, maybe you could offer your services to the IPCC?
IPCC Vacancies

Ocean temperature since 1850, the ripples are the natural variations

Global temperature since 1850, the ripples are the natural variations

About the Milankovich cycles and why they can not explain the current warming (according to the Milankovich cycles the Earth should actually be cooling …)


The Earth is on a downward trend temperature-wise; you need to look at longer scales than what has been occurring during the past 160 years which is all the ‘experts’ ever show. Also, when you look at the long-term history of Earth’s temperature that 160-year span and that minor swing doesn’t look as menacing. There is no scientific consensus on climate change and if you think there is you do not understand how science actually works.

Milankovitch cycles are not the only cycles that affect climate on Earth so posting that is irrelevant. There are short-term climatic shifts that occur as well as the long-term. This is a matter of geologic record. But regardless, the Earth IS on a downward trend when it comes to temperature. Focusing on a brief warming event in defiance of the actual data trend is not science.

And you being snarky and calling me an ‘expert’ merely because I offer an alternate viewpoint is an obvious attempt to ‘put me in my place’ and doesn’t really reflect well on you, buddy. Do better.


Not getting into the climate debate, BUT…

I don’t understand how these “activists” who vandalise ______ (fill in the blank), and then glue themselves to the floor (for example) are not left there. Why do the police remove them? Seriously, just leave them there! If they are in an art gallery, turn them into an exhibit and charge extra to watch them piss their pants after being glued to the floor for six hours. Throwing soup at the Mona Lisa? That is both unbelievably ridiculous, and unbelievably offensive, IMHO.


Love this!


I believe police somewhere did actually leave protesters overnight who had superglued themselves to the floor. Hoisted by their own petard…


From the comments:

“We finally have someone new to do the growling for Opeth”

“Lyrics are not that far off from Napalm Death or Carcass”

“‘People are suffering. People are dying.’
Yup, fits the genre perfectly.”

“Wow the new motley crue album sounds great”

“actually sounds like some of Kreator lyrics. Espicially that reminds Impossible brutality”

“Japan: We have Baby Metal!
-Sweden: Hold my mead bro…”

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: