Grumman F9F-2 Panther in 1/48 by Trumpeter

Hi Everyone,

This one has been in the works for some time yet was paused due to awaiting parts and other commitments. Hope you enjoy.

DSC00569 (Small)

Nice box art but I’ll be doing the more colorful red tipped and difficult decal version.

DSC00557 (Small)

Sorry, no in box review.

DSC00558 (Small)

A definite improvement!

DSC01798 (Small)

This was holding things up and certainly worth the wait. It will save time in building and hollowing the barrels.

DSC00556 (Small)

Let’s begin.

DSC00563 (Small)

Just a basic seat.

DSC00559 (Small)

Now the console.

DSC00561 (Small)

I used Tamiya X-22 clear obviously for the lenses, but it also does a good job cementing the parts. Later I’ll strengthen it with CA when the levers go in. Brush on a 0.5 mm coat and when you squeeze the parts you’ll get the bulge. Then later add some drops once the first has dried back.

DSC00562 (Small)

Some cables to go along with the PE. Nothing special since it can barely be seen.

DSC01743 (Small)

Clean the tub.

DSC00564 (Small)

Just a basic wash after the color and PE were done.

DSC00565 (Small)

DSC00566 (Small)

I debated whether to add detail beside the seat and because there are few online photos of this bird opted not too.

All colors on this are from AK Interactive REAL COLORS brand and cut 50/50 with Mr. Leveling thinner and primed with Mr. Primer 1000. With few exceptions, these paints will be used for the entire project. Next up, finishing the interior. Thanks everyone for dropping by and post any questions below… they’re all welcome.


If you want some good reference images and have a couple of hours to spare, go watch The Bridges at Toko Ri. There are lots of good cockpit shots of Panthers in that movie. Although those are of the -5 variety.

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Thank you! I’ll do that tonight.

Hi Folks,

Finishing off the first page.

DSC00567 (Small)

Here are the steps.

DSC00570 (Small)

After priming, some color went on. I did not gloss black the exhaust fins. AK polished is a really nice silver on it’s own.

DSC00572 (Small)

Minimal grime on this one but in real life it looks darker.

DSC00574 (Small)

The two hole and pin connection points have some play so, do a bunch of test fits.

DSC00580 (Small)

Step 8 has the support shaft for the tail hook shield, not seen here.

DSC00575 (Small)

The dash was really tough to work out with the PE on the instrument panel. Strip the paint and slowly begin to remove plastic until it fits. That means both sides of the part have to slip into the fuselage. You will need to get it right to have the dash align up with the instrument panel and the gunsight part. Also those paddle connectors will never be flat with the cockpit/wheel bay plastic, just use your best judgement.

DSC00577 (Small)

AK Xtreme burnt metal is the base color and later will be pigmented with a lighter burnt metal. The reflection is on purpose so the detail in the fins isn’t lost.

DSC00579 (Small)

All masked and ready for exterior primer. Any comments are welcome. Thanks Guys and Gals.


The wheel wells and landing gear should not be white. That was not adopted as a color for those areas until the Mid 50’s or so. The struts and wheels should be Gloss Sea Blue and the Wheel Wells interior green.

Aluminum lacquer is another option for gear struts and wheels rims.

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Sorry but Carlos is right about the color, everything else looks great though!

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One more color photo for reference


Then Trumpeter really blew on this kit. Thanks for the information. USN interior green, is that Dull Dark Green? The tail No# is 103672 VF-781

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No, Interior Green and Dull Dark Green are different colors. Standard US Interior Green, ANA 611/FS 34151 is the proper color.
And yes, Trumpeter did mess up on their color call outs on this kit for the wheel wells and landing gear. Just a guess says that they used a museum restoration aircraft as their reference in that matter.

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Thanks again, there are so many interior green shades. The FS # really helps! Time to mask and spray :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. Yes there multiple shades of green used by US aircraft manufacturers, Dull Dark Green, Bronze Green, Olive Drab, Bell Aircraft even had their own shade, but Interior Green was the only one that went by that name. I’m looking forward to seeing that repaint :wink:

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I have bronze green only so will order AK interior green 34151. Thanks again Carlos!

You’re very welcome HG!

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Thank you Sir!

Your welcome! Looking forward to more progress!

Is this the plane from bridges of toko ri

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Yes, that was the type used in the movie. In the novel it was F2H Banshees.


What Stikpusher said :slight_smile:

@Stikpusher thank you

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