Gulf War 30th Anniversary Campaign

i have almost finished work on the commanders cupola for the M551 Sheridan, i still need to figure out how to attach the gun shield that goes in from of the 50 cal.


I think I am going to get a bit of priming done on the sprue later on… And maybe start on the turret or running gear on the M1 dozer / mine plough

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Before I get into it I have a general Q regarding the M1 mine plough tanks deployed on ODS.
Apart from the anti slip and some extra stowage it will OOB as the build goes.
When I get to the painting, the main wagon will be the desert sand but I was thinking of painting the mine plough forest green to add a bit of contrast.
I’m sure I’ve seen images of that but wondered if it would be right for ODS ??

Not sure about an Army tank but as I recall the Marine tanks where taken from the factory from the Army chain so they would have been sand. Years later I could see a where they might be different but not ODS.

Green plows on sand Abrams were used.

This is an M60A1 in ODS. Some Abrams were the same.

Post ODS USMC M1A1, still green w/sand.

This one is in Iraq in OIF, the same was still true.


Thanks Gino, I think I will do a green one just for some contrast.

I started a few bits to get the ball rolling.
Assembled the plough mount and skid arms. No issues and everything slotted in nicely.

Also put the turret together.

I was going to get a bit more on but there were some fit issues, hence the tape.

Some filling and sanding back will be needed here.

Did the mantlet & barrel but will fit Mantlet first then attach the barrel so I can eyeball it straight and level as there was a bit of play when I dry fitted it earlier.


I have just finished the new Amusing model UK Centurion AVRE. It is more or less out of the box, i used resin Idle whells, from Accurate Armour the coil on its front, and their antenna mount… I have made a extension for the rear part of the "Bazooka skirt " same weith as the extra armour skirt.


Kjeld, that’s a lovely looking Cent AVRE you have done there. Great weathering and it has that old and beaten up look after years of service. One small point, I’m pretty sure the Call sign on the side plates is wrong. 11b in the broken diamond was the Commanding Officers MBT C/S and the broken diamond signifying RHQ in this instance. It’s been a long time I looked at a brigade call sign matrix but I’m sure engineering assets were 3 something…otherwise it’s spot on :+1:

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Looking good. :+1: :+1:

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Hey Johnny

This call sign was the only one for “modern” UK vehicles i had in my decal box. I do not have
the regulation for UK Dessert Storm call signs. So this must be a “What If” Centurion AVRE.

Best regards

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Looks great!. What colour mix did you use to paint it?

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Hey McRunty

First i painted the model (The wheels and track was masked) Vallejo 28012 spray can Black, and Tamiya XF 62 olive drab for UK camoflage… Because i used a water based chipping medium (AV Vallejo 76.550) I did not use my AK or Tamiya stash of Desert Sand paint, I used a mix of MIG A.MIG-030 Sand Yellow, and A.MIG-0067 Light Sand Grey . First the mix of paint was more dark, then i put some more light sand in the mix. Best regards Kjeld

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Hey John

I am not a specialist in UK markings, even for UK world war II vehicles i have serious problems finding the right ones.

This call sign was the only one for “modern” UK vehicles I had in my “rather large” decal box. I do not have

the regulation for UK Desert Storm call signs. So this must be a “What If” Centurion AVRE. One of the 2 AVRE

explode in the Desert Storm.

Best regards


I didn’t want you to think I was critical of the build, I most certainly am not, it looks great. I just didn’t want you thinking you had built a specific vehicle to a particular unit that was all.
The normal vehicle call signs aren’t specific to ODS, the call sign matrix system stays the same wherever you are. Once again, great build as are all the Cents you do and post here :+1:

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I have a Q for any of the M1A1 buffs out there … Ref the pic from the Tamiya destructions,

On the end of the Comds .50, should there be the handles like on the one I have put in there ? I have looked at some ref pics but it’s either hidden or the Comd is blocking the view ?

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No, the .50 cal on the M1A1 CWS (Commander’s Weapon Station) does not have the handgrips. It is fired and moved around from within the turret.

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Thanks Gino, I just needed to make sure :+1:

A few little bits done with the turret.

I filled and sanded back inside the Mantlet area. Then added a few turret details.

The bustle basket is just waiting to seats it needed taping due it being a bit springy. Other than that, was nice fits and no issues.

While looking at those pics, I realise I need to add some antislip to the piece on the turret rear.


Congrats @DANILOG for being the first user to post a reply (with images!) in the forum via email!

Seems to work! :slight_smile:


There should be a little butterfly trigger on the back, but it is so small most people (and kits) don’t do it.

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