H&S Evolution CR plus

I am thinking of buying one of these in a set with a compressor, to get going with airbrushing military models. Previously I was looking at getting an Iwata Eclipse. Does anyone have experience of the Evolution CR plus? Its a 2 in 1 set, with o.2mm and 0.4mm needle sets.

I’ve had an Evolution for several years now and I really like it. Good for overall wide spray coverage and also small camo jobs, I build 1/72 armor and have been able to complete some very small models. I also use a Paasche that I’ve had since 1982 and still in perfect shape.

I have the Infinity CR, but Evolution CR is also high quality airbrush and with 0.2 and 0.4 nozzle combo, it is all you need for general coverage and primers, and high detail.

I use as well as sell them. Evolution is the mid range (Infinity being the top end). It would be similar to an Iwata Eclipse, but I find the H&S airbrushes are easier to clean, since there are no tools needed to disassemble to clean.

Literally take the aircap off, which traps the nozzle between the aircap and body. Take out the needle, and you are done.

I personally have an older Infinity (non CR) and an Evolution AL (which is the same, just has a lighter aluminum body vs the brass and chrome plated CR). And the Evolution gets used much more than the Infinity does. Mostly it has the .2mm needle in it, as it will do about 80% of what I want to do with an airbrush, and I build everything from armor to auto, aircraft to scifi. For the other 20%, I use either the Infinity when I need extremely fine job that the .2mm can’t do, or a cheap large needle brush to spray varnishes and primers with. But with the .4mm in the Evolution, it will spray the primer and varnishes just fine, I am usually just too lazy to change it out. LOL

Thanks all of you for the helpful input. Very useful. I watched a few videos as well, and I am pretty convinced about the airbrush. Also found various other useful stuff in this forum about airbrushing.
I am thinking too about my setup and where to do the spraying. Do you guys use an extraction booth and a filter&gas mask when spraying, or do you just spray with the window open?

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I built one out of MDF and a hi volume bathroom fan. 98% of what I spray is Vallejo, so I don’t bother with a mask (although I still should)

Yeah, I use an extraction unit. I’ve had the equivalent of this one for over ten years and it takes care of most fumes, just put the duct out the window. Not cheap but an investment worth taking for your health, especially if using lacquers.

However, if you are handy enough to make your own that could be a cheaper option. And there are smaller/cheaper options out there.

The air brush is great! One of the best things I ever bought!
Been spraying Vallejo so far. I was going to get some ak interactive real Color but the Vallejo is going so well I think I will stick with it for now.
I somehow bent the tip of the 0.2mm needle so I ordered a replacement.

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