“Hagan, get that fu.......machine gun firing!” 1/35

Reminds me of this delightful story from one of my books about National Service (conscription in the UK).

A hapless recruit within a squad drilling with the rifle was having handling problems; he was spotted by the Sergeant and a Corporal despatched to see what the trouble was; having doubled over, and inspected the recruit’s weapon, he reported (and I paraphrase):

“The effing effer’s effed the effer!”


Thanks man! I appreciate the useful feedback, the best source ever:)
Out of your info I think it’s fine that it take place in Afghanistan. (It doesn’t matter for me)

From the beginning I figured that the concrete blocks was for civil use. The road is closed!
The soldiers are patrolling and get under fire at this place. They are just lucky to have them.

But as you say, the viewers could ask the same question as you did, why are they placed here?
For the viewers an unanswered question. Not good.

So I made some changes. I also put some water colors on the paper, that explains better how I think.

Instead of the road blocks I will have a low wall. To the right there is a road with asphalt, there I can have the detail with the broken asphalt. I could have a road block standing at the end of the road, it’s abandoned and just standing there, a nice detail I think.
To the left of the wall, in front of the entrance of the house, the will be low grass and gravel. Nice light yellow and grey/sand colors. Some sort of tree, I have bought a small palm tree that could be nice. I like to use this tree in a dio, this could be it. It’s a small tree and therefore I could let the leaf be visible. To have a palm tree increase the feeling of the Middle East.
Well guys, feedback on the update please!

Ps the wall is just a leftover with some paint.


Every concept that fly’s around inside your head at Mach 3 has its own merits Erik. We just love watching them develop. Let it flow !!! :+1::+1:

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Thanks Hagan! Sometimes Mach 3 is too fast…lol.
I woke up this morning and realize that palm trees isn’t that common if Afghanistan. I googled and understand that this could be a problem.
On the other hand palm trees are quite common in Iraq…
Two options right now;
1 Change the place to Iraq and keep the palm tree.
2 Change the tree.
No big deal. Guys what’s your opinion?
Anyway, I like the wall scenario, now the figures are more in the center of the base and that looks better I think.
with asphalt on one side and grass/gravel on the other I get more colors and variations. As you know I like to do the groundwork, and this combo really gives me a kick.

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Save the tree for the next dio set in Iraq or possibly some other place where there has been some minor “disturbance” of the peace. Other time period, other nationality of the troops


Use the the palm tree on another project and forge ahead with the current one. Really like what you are doing !

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Looks great Erik.


Brilliant; just brilliant.

Sorry Erik - nice model too!


I have cut out the pieces I need to make the building. Next step is to place the door and windows. I tried to make a wall, it was not the correct way I think. But not everyone is a educated builder in Afghanistan?
I could make another construction if you want.
Here is some pictures:

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Erik, I love the fact that you are more than happy to make us another wall if we want… We are all in awe of everything that you put before us… Let your mind do the work and we will all be happy with whatever you do …
I think it’s looking great

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Your wall, a little higher but still your wall. Background, upper right edge.

Wall from natural stones

More “brick” walls

Another “professionally” built wall


Thanks guys! @Robin_Nilsson i know that you would give me feedback:)

  1. This wall looks to solid to break down.
  2. I don’t want to build yet another brick wall right now:)
  3. This type is not a urban type.
  4. That’s the right wall!

Picture 4 is the type I have in mind, and the type I made in the mockup.
I will make a new one that’s higher as you see in this picture.



Number 1 should be the narrow slice of wall in the upper right edge of the picture, behind the girls hair.
Not the fancy type that the kids are leaning against.

Nr 2 and 3 were there to show the level of professional bricklaying

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Thanks all!
Update: I have cut holes for windows and the door. The lower roof is just for the mockup. I made a new wall and testing trees. Next step is to work with the facade. Cheers

Ps as you understand the road blocks are put at the end of the road because they are leftovers at the moment.


That’s taking shape nicely Erik. The damaged wall looks very good how you have shown it.
And I really like the Arabian Nights style window. :+1:


Fake Afghan village used for filming (movies et.c)

I stumbled across this when I was looking for images of Afghan villages …

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Worked with the lower building facade.
The roof on the left building is just a illustration.


Very cool results !!

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@Cheyenne Thanks!
The cork piece I use as roof is not bad. I will make a similar in styrofoam and connect a pipe for the gutter that will be inside the concrete roof.
This is so fun!
PS the facade is not ready yet.


I must say that I go with the flow right now!
Everything is going nicely together and no problem finding parts in my stock.

Here an example of some brick work:

I found this plastic part that I have saved, I think it works fine to use as a tin roof.

I even tested to make asphalt of the pink styrofoam, I didn’t plan that, but thought: why not give it a try…

It could work… Well I probably make the last details on the building and then start the fun part: painting and weathering! Cheers!