Happy Victoria Day

I had never heard of this holiday, nor knew what it was until last week, when I was told that we would be closed in honor of the date. I had to look it up. I suppose its closest equivalent in the USA would be Presidents’ Day. But since I am now working for a Canada based company, I was told that I’d have today off because it is a national holiday in Canada, so… Happy Victoria Day!

PS we also get next Monday off for Memorial Day

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It’s commonly referred to as the “May two-four” weekend, this year it is early.

Provincial and National parks open up this weekend, and so goes the tradition of camping and hammering back a couple of two-fours of beer at the campfire.

If you were in your late teens or early 20’s and lived in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick, you travelled to Prince Edward Island (PEI) to Cavendish Beach for this weekend, it’s a Maritimers rite of passage. Wild and fun weekends….

Sounds like a good time. As far as traditions go, it sounds quite similar to our Memorial Day, the last Monday in May, as far as kicking off warm weather activities. At least for most of the US.

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Happy VD (as in Victoria Day… Don’t get it twisted.). :smiley:


Ha, ha…

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