Harriet Tubman

This figure of Harriet Tubman is a kit-mash of a couple Master Box kits.

  1. Marshal Tom Tucker, Molly and Rebecca Hanson. MB35203
  2. Frau Müller. MB35166

A few finishing touches and she will be finished. Thank you for looking.


Very nice work — especially on the face and skin-tone! One minor critique: Her left leg looks a bit odd, as though it’s hyper-extended. I do realize, this is how MasterBox sometimes animates their figures. Just sayin…


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Thanks for the compliment and comment.
Yes, it looks that way for now because it’s still on the ‘painting holder’. The torso and legs are from the Frau Müller kit. The figure will be more on her right toes and left heel. A walking stance.

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Excellent kit bashing K. Great paintjob on the skin tone.

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Thank you for the compliment and for checking out my build.

Ms. Tubman looks like she is ready to kick ass and take names!