Has anyone ordered from Hobby Haven?

I was just curious if anyone has ordered anything from Hobby Haven?

Hobby Haven RI

I just learned of them today and I am thinking about placing an order with them but I thought I would see if anyone here has dealt with them and if so what your experiences were.

Thank you,
Randy :slight_smile:

Hi Randy,

I know nothing about them. Nine reviews on Yelp, eight being 5 stars.

@Harv Randy I can’t say I’ve ever mail ordered anything from them but I have been there. It’s a quaint little family owned shop and I wouldn’t hesitate based on my experiences with them in person.

Thank you for the research Fred. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the information Ken. :slight_smile:

Thank you guys, I appreciate your time. I have been looking for a certain out of production kit and they happen to have one for a decent price. Think I am going to order it.

Thanks again,