Has Anyone Tried True North Enamel Hobby Paints?

True North Paints - Paint Store

Lot of FS, WW2 RAF, USN &Luftwaffe colors. Color selection looks very much like Model Master.


If one of the local shops would carry them, I would buy some to try out… unfortunately that is not the case.
I don’t care for ordering paints online as the shipping alone makes it far more pricey than driving to a local shop.

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On the brightside, emailed True North a few weeks ago. They replied which is pretty impressive given the holiday’s.

My questions remain so…rolling the dice…

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Paints & thinner arrived today.

The bottles probably look familiar to Floquil Military Color & Model Master enamel users. The paint is a different enamel chemistry than those paint lines from what I understand.

Looking forward to testing in the not so distant future.

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