Heart of the Beast AutoModeler Group Build

With 5 weeks to go, time for an update.

AussieReg (Damian) - Ferrari 250 GT California - Revell kit in 1/24 - COMPLETED
Joel_W (Joel) - 2020 Ford Mustang GT4 - Tamiya kit in 1/24 with IndyCal decals - COMPLETED
Cosimodo (Michael) - Ferrari F1 (Monza 1967 Chris Amon) - MFH kit in 1/12 - COMPLETED

Rick1956 (Rick) - Porsche 904 - Monogram kit in 1/25 - Engine modifications, assembly started

Tinbanger (Richard) - Jaguar E-Type - Airfix kit in 1/32
Betheyn (Andy) - Porsche 917K - Fujimi kit in 1/24
Littorio (Luciano) - Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider 1300 - Italeri kit in 1/24
Forest1000 (David) - Porsche 911 GT3 - Tamiya kit in 1/24
md72 (Mark) - Dodge Challenger (2009) - Revell kit in 1/25

It would be great to see at least one more build cross the line before the end of September (looking at you @Rick1956 !).

Cheers, D

Your skill level really has taken a huge step forward, as MFH media kits are the hardest kits around by far. The end results for those skilled enough to build them is exactly how your Ferrari 312 turned out.


Thanks once again for the monthly update, but honestly I’m just not expecting any more members entrees to cross our finish line.

Like you, I’d love to see Richard focus equally on the Dark Side (cars) to his incredible 1/48 scale WWII aircraft builds. Richard, come on at least join us for one or both of our yearly GBs.


In the words of Mr. Mark Twain

The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated

Gentleman I intend to finish the build on time. I have been busy with some other life issues of late. Will be posting soon.

Michael that build is museum quality. Excellent workmanship.

As far as whether the new format helped or hurt the automotive group I can’t comment since I was never a part of the old system.

Later gentleman,

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Looking forward to your crossing the finish line.


Appreciate it

Well my Porsche has been started (several weeks ago I must admit) but the paint for the body went completely wrong, so its being stripped back down and re-painted.
Hope I will have an update and some pics in the next few days.
Andy :slight_smile:


Glad to read that you’re still working on your Porsche. Looking forward to seeing your update & pics.


Michael, that looks really good! Perhaps my favorite style of race car. Just seems like it said more about a driver’s ability than techno wizardry.
I managed to get the mold seams sanded off of my charger before other projects overwhelmed by bench. Maybe the next build.

You still have a full month minus 1 day to finish your Charger. I’m looking forward to seeing your next update sooner then later.


Guys I am going to have to fall on my sword here.
I never realized I would be so busy after retirement. I in all likelihood will not get the Porsche finished. If I have time to get a little more done I will post it anyway.
This is the last thing I wanted to do on my maiden voyage with you guys.

Welcome to the reality world of retirement. I’m into year 4 and I’m asking the head of the Household for paid vacation time. The last week has seemed like a full time job, and when I’m not hard at work on my home choirs, I’m just to pooped to model as my Mojo tank is drained to almost zero.

With my wife being somewhat disabled and major medical issues that has us running to doctors and labs every week, I’m doing just about all the household choirs to the best of my limited abilities, and to think that she did all of this plus raise our son, is just amazing.

Just finished cleaning both bathrooms and the kitchen. :tired_face:

So Rick don’t give it another thought as you contribute with posts and insights on most of the threads here, and that’s just as important in helping to grow the site.


Thanks guys

Really enjoyed it when I could post

Oh well back to bathroom sink, torches and solder!!!

Rick, many thanks for sharing the progress that you made on your build here. Life really does have a knack of getting in the way of our more important pursuits!
It would be great if you could continue the build and share your progress with a Build log Thread on the main Automodeler Forum.

Only a few days out from the end of this Group Build, time to start dragging out the kits for the Union Jack/Tricolore starting on October 1.

Cheers, D

Thanks Damian

Although I have British cars in abundance I am not sure I will join.

I told myself I am only entering if I can finish.

I will have to think about it.

I would like to finish the Porsche and may do what you suggest.

Thanks for the support

Just pick a kit that fits the GB theme as well as peaks your modeling interest. You’ve got 6 months to get it done, so just plan out what you want to accomplish every month for 5 months, leaving the 6th month free to catch up if needed.


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LOL, I put together a huge flowchart to guide me through that open wheel Indy car and everyone thought I was crazy (spoiler: I am) but it worked. It makes some level of sense for a car model 'cause you have so many things that can happen nearly parallel, but if you go serial, you may not realize how little time is left to get a great finish on the body. I won’t go that far on my British entry, but I’m trying to grow a detailed plan for it. :wave:

The finish line has officially been crossed on this Group Build. Many thanks to everybody who participated with builds and supporting comments.

Congratulations to “The Few” who managed to complete their builds.

I hope everybody can cross over now to the Wheels of the Union Jack and Tricolore - Oct '21 to March '22 - Campaigns & Group Builds / Staging Area - KitMaker Network Group Build and make it a more successful venture for us.

Cheers, D

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Agreed, the group build has been a lonely journey for our forum at times, but for those of us who signed up and finished our builds, it was a rewarding experience.

Have you given any thought to badges for each completed GB as yet?


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Joel, I’ve had a couple of thoughts. The badge criteria seems to be quite simple, a .png file at 128x128 pixels. I can use the PAINT program to size and format an image so I will have a play and see what I can come up with.

Cheers, D

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