Helicopter 2 Campaign/Group Build Interest Thread

So i am wondering if there would be any interest in another Helicopter campaign which would start at the end of the year and run for 9 months. any scales and any branch of service welcomed as well as partial builds, figures, vignettes and dioramas welcomed as well.

additional rules etc to be discussed in this thread.

so far i have 9 people interested and you can view the thread on the old site here.

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I would be interested, count me in!

That’s 10. Woot woot!

I add this over here since the other site will get archived. I plan to build a Ch-46A using Light my fire decals as part of another group build to honor Mark Bilas owner of Wolfpak that recently passed away.

@Tank_1812 yep that sounds good to me, I will cross link this thread with the other one on the old forum.
@white4doc welcome aboard, I plan to kick this off in late December with a 9 month long campaign time. that way it gives the dust some time to settle on the new forum.

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Haha Im in. Havent made a Helicopter yet so this is a good chance! Ill prolly be in with a 1/35 AH-1Z! :smile:


Well guys i don’t know how the new campaign thing is going to work as that is still a work in progress on this site but going by the rules from the old site, we need ten people or more to make it official and thanks to people signing up for the Helicopter 2 Campaign on the old site and this one we now have eleven people

I’m aiming to start this campaign in late December, say the 25th as it’s an easy day to remember, even for an old fart like me and will run to mid September 2021

The names enlisting to this campaign are:
Klaus-Adler (me)

here is the link back to the old site that shows the discussion on there:

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@Panzer_modeler well i guess you will be getting the Academy version of that kit, the question is which scale 1/35 or 1/48?

incidentally there is a good build log on youtube


@white4doc welcome aboard any idea what you want to build yet?

I’m not 100% certain, I have a Whiskey Cobra, Huey November, two MH-60’s and a Chinook D in the queue, although the 'hook has been started. I’m leaning toward either the Pave Hawk or Blackhawk Lima.

AH-1Z is my preferred victim, 1/72 from Kitech.

I’ve got low expectations going in. My last Kitech kit was a cheap knock off of an Italeri kit. But I need the experience. Hopefully it won’t be too bad. :wave:

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yep it’s an italeri re pop. the fuselage is split into 4 sections, not counting the tail boom and can leave some big gaps.

I didn’t go out of my way to get it. It got paired with a kit that I wanted at a club auction. It’s languished in my stash for over 7 years no. :wave:

I’m seriously considering this. I have several heli kits in the stash that need to be built.
I have not done one of these campaigns in the 14 years of being a member of KM.
Kit I’m considering is a 1/35 scale Kiowa with Werners Wings and Zactomodels detail sets.

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@markiii is it the"Thugs" MRC/Academy kit because that’s the one I have

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I have the “Black Death” version.

From all accounts that is a good kit and those detail sets do help out to make a more modern version. Did you get the fancy legs, MPLH from WW too?

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Those legs I don’t have yet, may need to get a set.

WW used to have metal legs that was OOP for a long time. Just saw today on Hyperscale it is back in resin.


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Yeah, I saw the same yesterday. I think I’ll order a set.
The only other item I need is the Squadron book, hard to find!

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Do have that one but not for sale as it’s a signed copy. Floyd’s signature makes it priceless. :joy::joy:

What details are you looking for/need?

@markiii. I seriously recommend getting the campaign habit. This is obviously a strange year, but I’ve finished more builds, 11 so far this year. All were campaign entries. That’s probably more kits than I finished in any year of Junior High , back some 50 years ( :face_vomiting: I’m that old?) ago. And I didn’t spend nearly as much time on seam filling, airbrushing or weathering then as I do now. :wave: